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How Long Do Cedar Fence Posts Last? 

Cedar fence posts are very durable and can last for up to 20 years. However, the lifespan can be reduced if the fence is not properly maintained. There are a few tips to make your wooden fence last longer. These include proper installation and maintenance. 

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First, it is important to know what type of wood you are using. Some types of wood, such as spruce, can last for up to three to seven years, while others, such as redwood, can last for decades. If you are going to use a wood post, it is a good idea to select pressure-treated wood. This type of wood has a stronger resistance to moisture and soil, so it will last longer. 

Using a post holder is also a great way to protect your wood. These posts are designed to be easy to replace and can help to prevent water damage. These posts are also more affordable than other options. 

Lastly, it is essential to keep your fence free from rot and insects. Cedar contains natural oils that repel bugs and moisture, keeping the wood from rotting. It is also highly resistant to decay, warping, and shrinking. Whether you choose to stain your fence or leave it unfinished, you’ll want to check regularly for signs of damage. 

If you’re wondering how long do cedar fence posts last, it can be determined by the condition of your fence and the weather in your area. If you live in the Lower Mainland, where the climate is very dry and hot, you may be able to get more than 20 years out of a cedar post. However, the lifespan can be significantly reduced if you live in an area with high moisture. If you do live in an area with high moisture, you should consider installing a fence post holder to keep the moisture out of your cedar. 

It’s also a good idea to stain your fence after you’ve finished installation. Cedar is naturally rot-resistant, so the stain will work to prevent it from rotting or breaking. The best way to do this is to apply two coats. A protective coating will help to preserve the color of your fence and will protect it from the effects of the sun. You can buy a protective coating at some home centers. 

One of the biggest reasons for the deterioration of a fence is the presence of moisture. The ground itself can be a source of moisture, so it’s a good idea to keep your fence no closer than two inches from the ground. If you have a concrete footing, you should also add a filler, such as gravel, to keep the moisture out. 

If you decide to install a cedar fence, you should know that you will have to do a lot of maintenance. It’s important to remove debris from the fence, apply a protective coat, and apply a stain once a year. If you don’t do this, you can expect your fence to begin to deteriorate in just a few years.