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How Long Will an Untreated Cedar Fence Last? 

The longevity of an untreated cedar fence depends on several factors. These include the climate in which you live and the type of wood used for the fence. If you maintain your fence regularly, it will last for many years to come. You should also seal your fence to protect it from moisture and UV rays. It can also help keep the color of your fence looking good. 

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The average lifespan of an untreated cedar fence is between 15 and 30 years. However, this number may vary depending on the climate. If you want your fence to last longer, you should apply a stain to the wood every couple of years. A good stain will also provide UV protection. 

Another way to increase the longevity of your fence is to use pressure-treated wood. Pressure-treated wood is resistant to both water and soil. It also prevents rotting and warping. In addition, it helps to prevent insect damage. A wood preservative containing copper napthanate is a great way to extend the life of your cedar fence. 

Another thing to consider is whether you should use a stain or a protective sealer. A stain will help to protect the wood from UV rays, while a protectant will stop the wood from drying out. For the best results, use a high-quality sealer. In addition, the type of stain you choose will depend on the climate you live in. 

The best way to protect a cedar fence is to use a good water-resistant sealer. It can help prevent moisture from penetrating the fence and damaging the wood. This is especially important if your fence is in a region with lots of humidity. You should reapply a water-resistant sealer after about three to five years. If you aren’t sure which type of sealer to use, check with the manufacturer. 

You should also make sure to check your fence on a regular basis to see if it has any damage. If it does, you will need to repair it. If you decide not to fix it, it will start to fade and rot. If you notice that your fence is beginning to look shabby, you might want to stain it. 

A cedar fence is a great choice for your home. It can provide a beautiful, natural look while preserving the color of your yard. It’s also easy to install. The natural oils in the wood are very resistant to insects and rotting. You can also buy a variety of styles of cedar fences to suit your needs. It’s a relatively inexpensive option compared to other types of wood, such as redwood. 

If you decide to stain your fence, use a semitransparent stain with UV protection. You should apply it two coats to ensure that you get a good stain. This should be done on a yearly basis, as the sun and UV rays can damage the wood. 

Lastly, you should inspect your fence for cracking and splintering. You should also make sure that your fence is free from any shrubs and vines. This will help prevent fungus and algae from growing on the fence. If you notice any problems with your fence, you should remedy them before they become too big to handle.