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How Long Will My Wood Fence Last? 

Whether you’re looking for privacy in your backyard, want to add a touch of charm, or need more security for your family, wood fences are a great option. While they can be expensive, a well-maintained fence will last for years to come and add value to your property. 

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How Long Will My Wood Fence Last?

Depending on the type of wood used, the climate you live in, and how well you take care of your fence, it can be up to 20 years before you’ll need to replace it. This is about half of what it would take to replace a steel, aluminum, or vinyl fence, so if you’re considering a wood fence for your property, be sure to get a good-quality one and invest in proper maintenance. 

The Lifespan of Your Fence

Unlike most other fencing materials, wood fences don’t hold up very well when exposed to moisture or sun. Even if you choose the best quality wood, it can still rot and deteriorate in less than half its lifespan. 

The most popular types of fences are made from cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine. Cedar is the most durable, but spruce and pine can also last quite a bit longer than other types of wood. 

If you are going to use pressure-treated wood for your fence, it’s essential to choose the planks carefully and make sure they don’t warp or bend over time. You can avoid this problem by handpicking each individual plank and making sure it’s straight and free of any dents or other imperfections. 

Staining Your Wood Fencing

As you’d expect, a stain will help protect your wood from moisture and prevent rust. Depending on the weather and location of your property, you may need to stain your fence every 1-2 years. 

A stain can give your fence a beautiful, rich look and protect it from sun and rain. It can also help prevent rust from forming and extend the life of your fence. 

To stain your fence, you’ll need a high-quality staining product and a good wood stripper. A wood stripper can remove rust and old paint to leave a clean, new surface for your stain to adhere to. 

Maintaining Your Fence

Keeping your wood fence in good shape is the only way to extend its lifespan. Keep your fence clean and free of dirt, moss, mildew, and graying. This will also help it resist rot and insects. 

Trim back bushes, vines and other plants that hang on your fence. This will help reduce the weight of your fence and allow it to dry out faster. 

Spraying a power washer on your wood fence can remove most of the dirt, debris and dead leaves that will inevitably accumulate on the surface over time. Be careful to keep the nozzle at least 18 inches from the surface and move the hose slowly and evenly across the entire fence. 

You should also clean your wood fence with a water-repellent spray every couple of months. This will help prevent fungi from growing and keep the protective coating on your fence fresh. You can also clean your fence with a brush or garden hose on a regular basis to get rid of loose dirt and small pieces that can wear down the surface of the wood.