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Wrought Iron Fencing FAQs 

Wrought iron fencing is a good option for homeowners looking to get a fence that looks good and is also durable. They can last decades with proper maintenance and upkeep. It can also increase the value of a home and provide added security for your property. 

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What does it cost to have a wrought iron fence installed?

The cost of a wrought iron fence depends on many different factors. Some of these factors include the size of the area to be fenced, the type and thickness of the fence, and the number of add-ons and decorative options are chosen. Having a wrought iron fence built can be very expensive, but it will also offer you a great deal of security and a beautiful design element for your property. 

What Are the Benefits of a Wrought Iron Fencing?

Wrought iron is one of the more durable metals available, and it’s made by hand so each fence will have a unique look. It can be shaped to fit the style of your house, and it will come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. It will also be more expensive than steel or vinyl, but it will have a longer lifespan and give you more privacy for your property. 

How Long Does It Take to Install a Wrought Iron Fence?

A wrought iron fence can be quite a complex installation, and it’s best to hire a professional. A pro will have the skills and tools to ensure that the work is done properly, and will also save you money in the long run. 

What is the average price for a Custom Wrought Iron Fence?

The average price for a custom wrought iron fence is between $25 and $35 per linear foot. This includes labor, materials, and a permit for the project. The cost of a wrought iron fence can also be affected by the amount of custom work that is needed to fit the fencing to your house and landscape. 

How Many Linear Feet Does it Take to Install a Wrought Iron Fencing?

The cost of a fence depends on its length of it, but a basic fence will usually be around 160 feet. A more elaborate wrought iron fence can be even longer. A homeowner will need to measure their entire yard and stake out the perimeter of the fenced area with string or chalk, then mark each side to determine how long it will need to be. 

What is the Thickness of the Bars?

The standard wrought iron bars are 12 millimeters thick, but this can be customized to suit the needs of the customer. The thicker the bar is, the more material will be required, so this can make a big impact on the cost of the fence. 

How Often Does It Need Maintenance?

It’s important to keep up with wrought iron fencing, as it’s susceptible to rust and damage. It will need to be sanded and repainted regularly to maintain its appearance. This will also help to reduce the risk of it rusting.