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How Much Does a Cedar Fence Cost? 

If you are considering installing a cedar fence, it can be hard to know how much it will cost. Fortunately, there are some factors you can consider to get a better idea of what to expect. 

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The materials that are used to build a fence will affect the total cost. You can choose between redwood, pine, or cypress, among other options. Some types are more durable than others. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, you might try composite fencing. These are made with recycled plastics and wood fibers. They are durable and can last 20 years or more. They’re also reasonably priced. 

The amount of work required to install a cedar fence can vary depending on how complex your project is. It’s generally not difficult to do, but you might want to consider hiring a professional. It’s important to find a contractor who is insured. Some companies will offer free estimates. However, it’s still a good idea to ask for a detailed quote from several professionals. 

You’ll also need to budget for tools and labor. For an average backyard, you can spend about $3,200 for materials and installation, and about $1,200 for professional labor. The more complicated your fence, the more you’ll pay. The labor cost can vary by area and season, but you can expect to pay around $35 an hour for an experienced professional. If you have a lot of experience with DIY projects, you might be able to shave some costs by tackling the installation yourself. 

When it comes to the actual construction, you’ll need specialized equipment to do the job. A power auger and finish nailer can be rented for about $50 to $100 a day. You’ll also need a drill, and some tools like screws and bolts. You’ll also need to determine the height and width of your fence. This will depend on the length and spacing of your posts. 

Other factors include the size of your yard and the terrain. You may be able to save money by opting for a chain-link or aluminum fence. In addition, you might need to add a gate to your overall budget. You’ll probably need to inspect your fence on a regular basis. You’ll also need to consider the cost of regrading your lawn. 

A cedar fence is a good choice, but it’s not the only option. Other choices include steel and vinyl. These are more durable but can cost more. Some builders recommend using cedar for pickets. For a moderately priced option, you might want to consider black locust or white oak. 

The cost of a cedar fence is about twice that of a pine fence. This is due to the fact that cedar is a natural wood that will stand up to the elements. It is also more resistant to warping, and does not need to be treated with chemicals for weather resistance. The material’s attractive reddish color and grain patterns make it a favorite among homeowners.