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How Much Concrete for Chain Link Fencing? 

Chain link fences are a relatively inexpensive way to build a privacy or security barrier around your property. They are also very durable and long-lasting, as they have a built-in resistance to breakage. They also offer good visual appeal and can improve a home’s value. 

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There are several factors that can impact the overall cost of your chain link fence project, including its height and the material used. Some of these are easy to calculate, while others are more difficult to determine. In general, a chain link fence installation typically costs about $6,935 to $783 if the job is done by a professional and $2,425 to $3,200 if it’s done by an average homeowner. 

Installing Concrete Posts

Setting fence posts in concrete can help keep the fence sturdy for years to come. It’s important to dig a hole that’s big enough to hold the post and use the proper amount of concrete bags. digging too shallow or using too few bags can result in the post bending under the weight and not being strong enough to support the fence. 

The size of the hole can be determined by determining the post diameter and depth. You should dig the hole about three times as large as the post diameter and a little less than half as deep as the height of the post. The soil and gravel layer should also be taken into account when determining the hole size. 

Step 1 – Prepare the Ground for Concrete: Make a hole about the size of your fence post with a post hole digger or spud bar, then backfill it with dirt packed tightly. If the ground is rocky or very hard, you might want to consider using a post-hole saw to cut down on the effort. 

Once the hole is ready, set your fence posts into the hole and make sure they’re straight and level. If they’re not, reshape them with a post-hole saw or brace them with stakes. 

When you’ve finished staking your posts, pour the concrete into the hole and surround it up to about three inches below the lip. Then sand the top of the concrete and add gravel to a base that will help drain rainwater away from the fence post. 

Finish Setting Up Your Chain Link Fencing

Depending on your budget and the amount of time you have to work, installing a chain link fence can take one day or two days. It’s a pretty simple process, as long as you have all the tools you need. 

The tools you need include a post-hole digger or power auger, chain link mesh or fabric, hammer or drill, string line or fence tape, line level or mason’s line, a jackhammer, shovel, a concrete mixer or pre-mixed concrete, and gravel. You may also need a hacksaw or pipe cutter, a plumb bob or a stud finder, and other construction supplies. 

You’ll also need a tension wire or top rail that’s stretched tight along the top of your chain link fence. The tension wire helps the fence remain taut and doesn’t sag. A top rail doesn’t have to be attached to the bottom of your fence, but it’s a great idea if you plan to have a gate installed on the end of your fence.