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How Much Does a Cedar Fence Cost Per Linear Foot? 

The cost of a cedar fence can vary widely depending on the style, materials, and location. However, a basic red cedar fence typically costs around $8 to $18 per linear foot and can be purchased for as little as $500. 

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The price of a fence will also depend on the style you choose, the material used and whether you want it to be fully or partially privacy-fenced. Wood is one of the most common fencing materials, but you can also use wrought iron and steel. These options cost more but offer a traditional look that can last for years. 

A wooden fence is one of the most affordable fencing options and can be made from a variety of species of wood, including pine, spruce, redwood, oak, cypress or cedar. Using these types of wood allows you to build a custom fence that fits your property’s aesthetic. 

You can expect to pay about $7 to $27 per linear foot for a new fence installation if you do it yourself, but the price could be much higher or lower if you hire a professional contractor. You can find out how much your project will cost by gathering bids from local contractors. 

Once you have your estimate, it’s time to start shopping for materials and supplies. This can include fencing posts, a gate and other equipment such as a post drill or a chain saw. You can also add other items to your fence budget, such as a stain or paint. 

Fencing materials can be purchased at a home improvement store or online. They usually come in standard sizes and are available in a wide range of colors. If you’re not sure which type of fencing material will work best for your property, ask a local fence contractor about their recommendations. 

The cost of a fence will also vary depending on the height of the structure. For example, a 6 foot fence will typically cost more than a 3 foot one because of the additional support it requires. Additionally, if you choose to install gates on your fence, the added expense will be even more substantial. 

Another factor that can affect your fencing price is the condition of the ground where you plan to install the fence. If the area is rocky, soggy or uneven, it will be more difficult to dig and level out the posts. This increases labor costs, but it can be worth it in the long run to have a strong, sturdy fence. 

Before you get started, measure the perimeter of your yard to calculate how many linear feet of fence you’ll need to cover the whole space. This will help you determine how many posts and how tall the fence will be. 

You can also get a permit to build your fence, but this will be determined by the jurisdiction in which you live. Most cities and municipalities have regulations on fencing, so you’ll need to check with your local government for information on fees and permits.