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Vinyl Fence Cost

Having a new vinyl fence installed can be a costly endeavor. There are several factors that can affect the overall cost. The length of the fence, its height, the materials used, and the difficulty of the installation are just a few of the things that can increase the price. The national average is $19 per linear foot for a basic four-foot vinyl fence, but this can vary widely depending on your local costs. 

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The best time to find the cheapest vinyl fence cost estimates is during the down seasons. This is because most fencing manufacturers offer special deals to lure shoppers into their stores. For instance, an 8-foot-wide, 6-foot-high privacy fence panel can be found for around $369 at Home Depot. In addition, installing a fence is a great way to improve your property’s curb appeal. In fact, adding a gate to your new fence can significantly add to its beauty. 

A quality vinyl fence is typically made from a vinyl blend with a built-in UV resistance, which prevents the vinyl from fading. This makes the material more durable and also makes it more resistant to cracking and sagging. The color of the vinyl can be selected from a wide range of options. The more unique the color, the more it will cost. For example, a cedar color with a woodgrain texture will cost about 10 percent more than a simple white one. 

The best time to get the lowest prices for vinyl fence material and labor is early spring or late fall. However, these are not the only times you can find a competitive estimate. A good tip is to ask for quotes from multiple fence companies. This is important because you will not know which company has the lowest quote until you have several estimates. 

A high-quality vinyl fence will also come with a lifetime warranty, making it a safer and more affordable option than the traditional wooden variety. Generally, a high-end fence will cost 25% more than a low-end one. While the material is durable, it is not the best choice for security. 

The cheapest vinyl fence is likely to be thinner, which will make it warp and sag. In addition, a cheap fence will likely yellow. Invest in a quality product, and you’ll be happy you did. 

A high-quality vinyl fence also has a flat finish, meaning it won’t require painting or staining. In addition, a quality fence is typically made with a vinyl blend with built-in UV resistance, which makes it more durable and resistant to cracking and sagging. 

The most cost-effective method for installing a vinyl fence is to hire a professional. A professional can do the work in a fraction of the time it would take you. The labor cost for a professional can be as little as $50 to $200 per hour. The cost of materials can also vary widely, with the price of a standard four-foot fence coming in at roughly $15 to $30 a linear foot.