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How Much Does a Wood Fence Cost? 

Angi’s breakdown of the purchase price of a wood fence 

When it comes to purchasing a wood fence, there are many different factors that contribute to the overall cost. First of all, the type of wood you choose will impact the price significantly. This article from The Spruce provides a good breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of various types of wood. The price of different types of wood will also depend on the style of fence you choose. 

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Depending on your needs, the purchase price of a wood fence can range anywhere from $839 to $4,489 per linear foot. The price will vary based on the style of fence, the type of wood and additional features. The average yard size requires 100 to 200 feet of fencing. 

Types of wood used for fences 

There are many different types of wood used for fences. Cedar, for example, is very durable, resistant to insect damage, and has an appealing scent. It’s also easy to design and cut, and has low-density knots. Cedar fences are also relatively easy to maintain and are highly resistant to termites and decay. 

Pressure-treated wood is often used for fence panels. It has a light green to yellow hue and is very strong. You can also find wood that is color-treated to look like redwood or cedar. 

Installation costs 

Wood fence installation costs vary depending on the material used and the length of the fence. Lumber can cost from $7 to $15 per linear foot. The Home Advisor website can provide estimates for a variety of costs, including permits and tools. The costs for installing the fence also include nails, screws, brackets and other accessories. The final cost should also include removing the fence after it’s finished, and should be factored into the total price. 

Wood fence installation requires specialized tools and equipment. In addition to the basic tools, a wood fence installer must use an air compressor and power tools, such as hammers, drills, and finishing nailers. If the fence installation requires removal of existing trees or bushes, the costs are likely to be higher. 

Getting a building permit 

Before you begin building a fence, it’s important to check local codes and requirements. If necessary, contact the building inspector’s office. They can give you the paperwork you need and educate you on code requirements. You may need to pay a fee for an approval application, so it’s important to plan ahead. You may want to hire a surveyor to determine the exact boundary lines of your property. You can use this information to make sketches of your fence’s perimeter and to provide insurance to the building inspector. 

You can also work with a contractor who can handle this process for you. These companies will take care of the entire permitting process. If you are building your own fence, you will have to pull the permits and pay the fee, but you can also hire a contractor to help you out with the process. Keep in mind that the complexity of obtaining permits varies from one city to another.