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How Much Does it Cost to Have a Fence Removed? 

Over time, fences can become deteriorated and need to be removed to ensure safety. Whether you want to replace a fence or simply need it removed for landscaping purposes, there are several factors that can determine how much it will cost to have your existing fence taken down.

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What to Expect From a Professional Contractor?

Getting your fence replaced by a fence company may seem like a great idea, but it’s important to make sure you hire a trustworthy and reputable business. They should be licensed, insured and have a proven track record of satisfied customers. They should also be willing to discuss their pricing with you and give you a written quote before the work begins. 

What to Bring For Removal?

Removing your old fence is a DIY project, but it’s a good idea to be prepared and have all the necessary supplies on hand. The following tools can help you get started: 

A reciprocating saw or a handsaw are a great way to cut away fence panels. A chainsaw can be a great option for older vinyl or aluminum fences, but be careful not to damage the metal underneath the panel. 

Another great tool to have on hand is a screwdriver or other handy tool to remove the gate posts. This will save you time and ensure the safety of yourself and others. 

If you have a fence made of wood, the cost can vary depending on the type of lumber used. The material can increase the overall cost, so be sure to check with a local fencing company before you begin removing your fence. 

How to Dispose of Your Fence Materials?

If you’re tearing down your old fence, you may have a lot of wood debris that needs to be disposed of. Most bulk curbside collection companies will only take a certain amount of waste at one time, so it’s important to keep this in mind when planning to dispose of your old fence materials. 

A roll-off dumpster is an ideal solution for removing fence materials, but be sure to rent one that can handle the size of your project. You should also be aware of any restrictions regarding disposal, especially if you have large pieces of lumber or other heavy materials. 

The first step in removing your old fence is to locate the post holes, which should be easy to find by digging around the perimeter of the yard. If you’re not sure where the post holes are, call the utility company and have someone flag them. This will allow you to know if there are any lines that run under the fence. 

Once the fence post holes are located, you can start removing the rest of your fence. If you’re trying to reuse the fence post, it might be easier to dig them out instead of removing the whole thing. However, this isn’t always a possibility, so be sure to contact the company that installed your fence before you decide to remove it.