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How Much Does Pool Fence Removal Cost? 

The cost of pool fence removal will vary based on the type of fencing material you choose, and how it was installed. It will also depend on the height of the fence, whether it is removable, or permanent. 

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Typical prices for pool fences range from $1,500 to $10,000. These costs include labor and materials, which are typically 50% of the total cost. 

A pool fence is a vital safety measure for homeowners with in-ground swimming pools, especially those with young children or pets. It protects the children from being tempted to enter the pool area and accidentally drowning while providing parents with peace of mind. 

However, it’s not always easy to remove a fence from your yard or property. It may involve a significant amount of work, such as clearing out shrubs and bushes, removing rocks or boulders, and dealing with other obstacles in the area. 

To determine the cost of a fence removal, a professional will need to take measurements and make an estimate based on those details. He or she will then have to plan how much material needs to be hauled away and how long the job will take. 

It can cost about $300 to have a pro haul away your old fence. It may also require a roll-off dumpster, which will cost another $200 or so. 

The contractor will then need to clean up and prepare the yard for the new fence. It’s also likely that he or she will need to cut away or remove the existing posts and post holes. This process can take a lot of time, and it’s important that the pro does this properly. 

In addition to the labor, a fence installation professional will need to purchase materials for your project, including post holes or posts that are required to attach the fence to the ground. Often, the company will also charge extra for the fence to be stained or painted. 

Installing a pool fence can be a fairly challenging task, so hiring the right professional is essential to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. This is especially true if the fence is tall or you are putting it up over sloping terrain. 

Getting the Cost of a Pool Fence Correctly Quoted

The cost of a pool fence will vary greatly depending on its height, color, concrete work requirements, and elevation changes. It can also take a lot of time to build, so you’ll need to factor this into your budget. 

Elevation Changes Add Labor Costs

Having to deal with a difficult sloping terrain can increase the labor cost of your pool fence significantly. If the fence has to be raised, it will also cost a considerable amount of money to add additional material and to do the work necessary to regrade. 

It can be a daunting task to figure out how much a pool fence will cost you, but it’s important to have a budget before getting started. Fortunately, most professionals price their projects using linear feet, so you can easily calculate how much it will cost.