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How Much For a Chain Link Fence? 

When it comes to how much for a chain link fence, many homeowners have an idea of how to budget based on the appearance and purpose they want. Unfortunately, that can be a bit of an oversimplification; there are many factors that will impact the final cost of a new fence. 

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The first step in calculating how much for a chain link fence is to determine the linear footage of the space you need to enclose. This can be done by dividing the linear footage of your yard by the height of the fence you want to build. Next, calculate the amount of mesh you will need, which is made up of wire and top rails that go above the ground. Once you have that information, it is time to price the rest of your chain link fence. 

Typically, chain link fences are supported by metal posts, which can be made from a variety of materials to match the mesh and finish. These include bare metal, galvanized metal, vinyl-coated metal, and powder-coated metal. 

Wood posts are also common, and can add a natural look to the fence while reducing labor costs. You can choose to attach chain links to them or connect them with wood panels to create a custom look. 

If you plan on using the fencing for children or pets, you may wish to consider a material that is both safe and resistant to rusting. Aluminum or vinyl-coated chain link fencing are two options that will help protect the metal from rust and will reduce the cost of maintenance and repair. 

For the ultimate in curb appeal and security, you can add privacy slats or climb vine screens to your chain link fence. These are available in plastic or wood and can be installed at the same time as the fence or added later on as a DIY project. 

A cyclone-style fence is another option for protecting your chain link fence from saltwater corrosion and flooding. This type of fence is usually used in coastal areas that flood frequently to prevent damage to the metal and extend the life of the fence. 

Cyclone fencing can be purchased in various gauges and heights, and the average cost is between $8 and $40 per linear foot. 

While some homeowners install their chain link fence themselves, hiring a professional to do the job is often a better option. Contractors know the best way to set up the fencing, how to handle tangled wire, and can work around other obstacles that may be difficult for a homeowner to deal with. They also have the tools and experience to complete the job in a timely manner, ensuring you don’t end up with a sagging, rusting, or otherwise unkempt fence that detracts from your property’s aesthetic and curb appeal. 

The cost of a repair for your chain link fence depends on several factors, including the size and type of damage. If you can determine the cause of the problem, you can save money by addressing it immediately. Vehicle collisions, unruly pets, or aging fences are just a few of the things that can break down your chain link fence. It can take a few days or more to fix a broken fence, so it is important to contact a professional as soon as possible to avoid additional damages and costly repairs.