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How Much Is a White Vinyl Fence? 

Buying a vinyl fence is a relatively inexpensive project compared to wood or other fencing options. However, there are still plenty of variables to consider. For instance, your location can affect the cost. In addition, the style you choose will have a large impact on the price. You can find a variety of styles and colors, including the more decorative styles, such as a picket or privacy style. If you are considering installing your own fence, it may be worth the effort to shop around for a quality pro. The higher-end brands offer a limited lifetime warranty, making your investment secure. 

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The most expensive type of vinyl fence will typically be a solid privacy fence. This type of fence can be used to block out your neighbors, and provide the most separation. It also tends to be more expensive than a simple picket fence. A more practical alternative can be a split-rail fence, which is a low-maintenance option. 

The best way to calculate the cost of a new vinyl fence is to start by determining the height and width of the area you plan to fence. A taller fence will require more material, so you should factor that into your budget. 

For a basic, standard-size yard, you can expect to pay between $2,181 and $6,089 for a professionally installed fence. Prices vary depending on your area, the type of fence you choose, and how much labor is involved. To get a better idea of your costs, you can ask local professionals for a quote. You can find a number of online resources, such as Homewyse, that will tell you how much your specific project might cost. The estimates are not meant to be taken as replacements for written quotes from trade professionals, but to help you see what the cost of a particular job will likely be. 

For the same reason, you should also include a few other factors in your calculations. For example, a three-rail fence, commonly referred to as a horse fence, will cost less than a single-rail fence, but will likely cost more than a two-rail or privacy style. In addition, if you need to remove an old fence, you will likely have to dig up and haul away some of the debris. 

In general, the best choice for your money is a quality vinyl fence, which is usually made from a vinyl blend with built-in UV resistance. If you are looking for a more decorative look, you might want to invest in a wood fence instead. A wooden fence will also require fewer materials and labor, and will cost a bit less. 

The national average cost of a white vinyl fence is $25 per linear foot, which is a pretty decent price point. For comparison, the cost of a privacy-style fence can run as high as $40 per linear foot, while a solid wood-grain design is about ten percent more. You should also consider the cost of special features, such as a gate.