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How Much Paint For Wrought Iron Fence?

If you are looking to paint your wrought iron fence, you may want to know how much paint to use. Wrought iron is a tough metal that can last for many years. However, it is prone to rust, so it is important to use a rust-inhibitive primer. This can be purchased in liquid or aerosol form. 

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The first step is to remove any existing rust. You can use a pressure washer or a garden hose to clean your fence. Once the surface is clear, you can use a wire brush to remove any remaining rust and flaking paint. 

After the fence is clean and dry, you can apply a coat of rust-inhibitive primer to the fence. You can also purchase a rust-inhibitive enamel to apply on top of the primer. A new generation of combination oil-based enamels are available, which are promising for their durability. 

Paint can be applied to the fence using a brush or a spray can. Spray cans are easier to work with and allow for smoother coverage. For more intricate wrought iron designs, an aerosol spray can help you achieve the desired results. It is important to hold the spray a few inches away from the fence. Holding it too close can lead to drips. 

After the primer has dried, you can begin to paint. It is advisable to paint the fence in one day, although it will depend on the size of the fence. When painting a movable wrought iron piece, you will need to set up a temporary area for the painting. Ensure that you have a drop cloth to protect your lawn and plants. 

You can then apply a second coat of paint. In order to get the best result, you should use a semi-gloss finish. Painting with a glossy paint is not recommended, as it does not stick well to wrought iron. Using a #60 grit sandpaper can help to dull the glossy finish. Use a spray can for your second coat, since it will provide smoother coverage. 

After the second coat has cured, you can then apply a third coat. For best results, the first and second coats should be applied within an hour of each other. Also, you should allow the fence to dry before applying the final coat. Depending on the size of the fence, this could take two to four hours. 

Before attempting to paint a wrought iron fence, you will need to make sure it is clean and free of rust. Taking the time to prepare your fence can mean the difference between a good looking paint job and an amateur job. 

While you may feel confident painting your own wrought iron fence, it is a good idea to have professional help. Many remodeling contractors have a lot of experience, and they can help you with the steps. These professionals will have the tools, materials and training necessary to do a great job. 

In addition to a wrought iron fence, you can also protect your home by installing a zinc coating on your fence. Zinc has a saponification process that helps to prevent the metal from rusting.