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How Much Per Foot For Chain Link Fence? 

Whether you are looking to increase the security of your yard or just looking to update the look of your property, a chain link fence is a great option to consider. It is affordable, durable, and offers a variety of benefits. However, there are many variables to consider before settling on a fence. These factors include style, height, material, and finish. 

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The cost of materials is largely dependent on the size of your fence. A four-foot high galvanized chain link fence may cost as little as $18 per linear foot. For a more elaborate fence, the cost can range upwards of $6 per linear foot. Depending on the type of fence, material, and finish, you may have to pay as much as $5,000 to install it. 

When it comes to installing a chain link fence, you may need to hire a contractor. Depending on your local regulations, a contractor may need to apply for a permit. This may add $20 to $400 to the cost of your chain link fence. Some municipalities require permits for fences over six feet tall. 

If you are planning to do your own fence installation, you may want to consider getting a few quotes from a few contractors. The price of a chain link fence may vary significantly, but a good contractor should be able to give you a ballpark figure. This can help you determine whether you should DIY or hire someone else. 

The cost of materials is also dependent on the height and style of fence you want. For example, a simple wood fence may be less expensive than a chain link fence, but it will provide better privacy and security. Similarly, a powder-coated chain link fence will help protect it from rust. It will also look better, and can add some curb appeal. 

Generally, chain link fencing is more cost-effective than wooden fences, but it is still a good idea to consider your options. Chain link is also available in a variety of finishes and colors. Vinyl-covered fences are usually black, but you may be able to find other colors as well. 

Whether you choose a chain link fence or a wood one, you will find that the most cost-effective way to install it is to hire a contractor. The cost of hiring a professional may vary depending on the experience of the company you choose. It may also depend on the size and style of the fence you are constructing. 

The other big factor in determining the cost of a chain link fence is the height. A four-foot high chain link fence will cost anywhere from $18 to $30 per linear foot. If you have a very large yard, you may have to add in other expenses like landscaping, tree removal, and building permits. In addition, the cost of installing a chain link fence may vary depending on the type of posts you choose. Wood posts may add a rustic look, but they are not as sturdy as metal posts.