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How Much Should a Cedar Fence Cost? 

Cedar fencing is a durable, low-maintenance choice for your property. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home, or add a little privacy, a cedar fence will provide a long-lasting, attractive addition. 

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The cost of a cedar fence will depend on several factors. The grade of the wood used, the height of the fence, and the amount of labor required all affect the overall cost. Additionally, the size of the area being fenced will also affect the price. 

The average cost for a wood fence is between $5 and $15 per linear foot. However, the costs can vary widely depending on the materials, the complexity of the fence line, and the local construction regulations. Having a professional install the fencing can be the most cost-effective option, since it is a good idea to ensure that the installation is done properly and safely. 

If you want a more modern look, you can choose a composite fence. The costs can range from $6 to $10 per linear foot. This type of fence can last for twenty years or longer. The material consists of recycled plastics and wood fibers. 

Another type of fence is vinyl. This is more expensive, but it is durable, attractive, and is environmentally friendly. A chain-link fence is a cheaper, lower-end option. Regardless of the material, the cost can vary, so it is important to get multiple quotes. 

Another option is a composite fence, which uses recycled plastics and wood fibers. These materials are durable, and require less maintenance than wooden fences. They can be painted and stained to suit your needs. 

Pine and cypress are both affordable options, though the quality can vary significantly. Cypress is more resistant to insect infestation, but is not as durable as other varieties. Pine requires treatment to help it withstand the elements. The cost of pine can vary between $3 and $7 per foot. On the other hand, spruce is cheaper, but can become damaged if it is not treated. 

Western red cedar is a good midrange option, and it has a nice fall color. It has insect-repelling qualities as well. The color can change over time, so it may not look as good as you first imagined. The cost of cedar is comparable to that of pine, though. 

When installing a cedar fence, be sure to use a professional. The cost of a Cedar Fence can quickly add up for inexperienced homeowners, so it’s best to find a contractor who can get the job done right. In most cases, the cost of a fence is divided between the materials and the labor, so it’s important to choose a high-quality fence that you can afford. 

You should also look into your local building codes, including how tall your fence should be and what types of materials are permitted. In many areas, your homeowners association or HOA might require a building permit. Be sure to contact your local government office to inquire about the building permit process. If your project involves grading or a complex fence line, you might have to hire a land surveyor.