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How to Attach Mesh Fencing to Wood Posts? 

Mesh fencing is a great way to keep critters out of your flower garden, chicken run or vegetable patch. They are inexpensive, easy to install and take less time to set up than other types of fences. Depending on the type of mesh you use, it can also be very attractive to look at. 

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The main method of attaching mesh fencing to wood posts is to build a frame of wood with top and bottom rails, then secure the wire mesh to the top and bottom of the posts with wire. This is the strongest and most secure technique, but there are other ways to do it. 

Square Your Posts

Before you start putting up your garden fence, make sure all of the posts are level and plumb. If they aren’t, the fence will not be level and won’t last as long. If you can, have a friend help you with this step. 

Place a string line across each corner post to mark the spot where it is located. Then, square the corners using the Pythagorean theorem (measure 3-feet on one side of each post, then 4-feet on the other side of each post and adjust the line to get the two marks 5-feet apart). 

Next, pound a wooden stake into the ground at each corner of your garden area. If you live in a cold climate, dig below the frost line to avoid heaving. You can find out the frost line by asking your local building office or looking it up online. 

Once you’ve done this, you can begin to dig holes for your corner and brace posts. When you’re done, fill in the holes with dirt, clay or sand to hold them in place and level. You can also pour concrete in these holes if your fence will be heavy. 

If you want to attach a metal fence post to wood panels, it is best to do so with brackets. You can buy brackets in different shapes and sizes, so you should be able to match them with the style of your metal post. You will also need metal screws and wood screws to install them. 

When you’re ready to attach the brackets, place the panel and the post on the brackets and screw them in. Be sure to bring a level with you as well so you can check that both are level and plumb throughout the process. 

Attach Wire Fencing To The Posts

If you have a few rolls of welded wire mesh, the easiest way to attach them to the posts is to unroll them. Often, the rolls come in 20-foot or 50-foot sections that can be joined together by unscrewing one end and screwing it back in to hook both sides of the roll. You can then stretch the wire around the posts, securing it in place as you go. 

Repeat this procedure with the other ends of your wire fencing. If there is any extra wire, cut it at the center of the post to reduce the length.