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How to Attach Metal Fencing to Posts?

If you have a metal fence or are planning to install one, you need to know how to attach it to posts. It’s an important step because it will help you to keep your fencing strong and secure. The process is simple, but there are some things you need to consider before you start. 

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1. Identify the Fence Posts You Need

There are many different types of fence posts, including wood, concrete and metal. The type you use will determine the look and feel of your fence. For example, if you want your fence to be more traditional, you may choose wood posts, while if you’d like a more contemporary design, you might prefer metal. Regardless of which kind of post you decide to use, it’s crucial that you dig the holes in the right places. 

2. Check Your Fence Posts Before You Dig

The first thing you need to do is make sure your fence posts are arrow-straight. This will prevent them from twisting or warping and will keep the fence straight and level. You’ll also need to ensure that they are centered between the posts you’re going to attach them to. 

  1. Set Up Your Posts Before You Pour the Concrete

It’s best to have a level and a measuring tape before you start digging holes for fence posts. You’ll need to pound the first post into the ground at the planned corner and at each of the next corners. When you’re done, check each of the holes for plumb and make adjustments as needed. 

  1. Put Gravel in the Post Holes Before Pouring Concrete

When you are ready to pour the concrete for your fence, start by filling the hole with gravel and then a little bit of sand. This will help to stabilize the fence post and keep it from moving as you pour the concrete. 

5. Drill Post Notches for Rails and Wire Fencing

To install the top and bottom rails of a fence, drill notches in the posts with a hammer. Be careful not to hit any nails with your hammer or you could damage them. Once the notches are drilled, insert the top and bottom rails into the holes with 3-inch deck screws. Repeat this procedure for all of the posts in your fence. 

  1. Connect the Post to the Fencing by Stretching and Attaching

After you’ve installed the top and bottom rails of your fence, it’s time to attach the wire fencing. You can do this by hand or with a come-along. Be sure to leave 18-24 inches of excess wire at each end to provide a secure connection between the fence and the post. 

7. Wrap the Wire Tightly around the Post

When installing a wire fence, it’s essential to keep the wire tight to ensure that livestock can’t escape and predators can’t get in. To achieve this, stretch the wire tightly from one end to the other using a fence stretcher or by hand and then attach the fencing to the post with five wire clips.