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How to Build a Wooden Fence? 

Building a wooden fence is an excellent way to add beauty and privacy to your property. But before you begin, make sure you are familiar with local building codes and regulations. This will help you avoid any problems down the road. You should also research any special permits that may be required for the type of wood and construction methods you choose. 

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Prep the Ground: Before you dig a hole for a fence post, check the existing ground to ensure there are no utility lines or tree roots that could interfere with your fence installation. You might need to contact 811 for a map showing the location of any utility lines. Keep in mind that these lines can be underground, so you should stay at least 18 inches away from any buried lines. 

Layout and Level the Fence: Once you’ve marked your fence line and post locations, you should use a string to establish that it is even throughout the entire area (Photo 4). Measure and mark the line of the fence along the edge of the property where the posts will be placed and make sure the tops of each post are at the same height all the way around the perimeter of the fence. Once you’ve done this, you can hammer stakes into the ground where the fence posts will go. 

Cut the Fence Posts to Length: Next, you should cut each fence post to the desired length, which is usually 8 feet long for a double-strand fence. To do this, you can use a circular saw or miter box to cut the wood into strips and then join them together with screws. For a single-strand fence, you might need to use nails instead of screws. 

Attach the Fence Rails: Now that your posts are in place, you can start attaching the fence rails to them. Depending on the style of fence you want, you can either attach pickets to the rails or use a panel system that consists of pre-assembled panels nailed to the rails. 

Apply a Wood Preservative to the Post Base: Once your fence posts have been attached, you will need to give them a little bit of protection against the elements. If your land is in an area where it gets a lot of rain or the sun is hot, you will probably want to apply a water-proofing treatment to them. This will extend the lifespan of your fence by a few years and prevent them from rotting or warping. 

Build the Fence: Once the posts are in place, you can begin installing the fence rails and pickings. You can use a nail gun or a hammer and nails to secure them in place, but it’s better to have the screws in place before you nail on the boards, because that will allow you to nail the nails more accurately. 

If you don’t have any pickets or panels on hand, it is a good idea to buy some before you begin this project. You can purchase these at most hardware stores and home improvement centers.