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How to Care For White Wrought Iron Fence?

You can keep your white wrought iron fence looking great by taking a few simple steps. Before painting or coating your fence, it is important to make sure it is free of rust. Rust will weaken the metal over time. It can also undermine the structure of the fence. To prevent rust, you need to clean it, sand it, and protect it. If you are in a hurry, you can simply spray it with protective sealant. But if you want to paint your fence, it is best to use an exterior-rated primer. A good paint color will bring out the fine details of your fence and add texture to your property. 

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Leaving debris, roots, and thorns on the fence can cause rust. To avoid this, trim foliage to keep it off the fence. Also, be careful about leaving plants near the fence, since they can wick moisture away and damage the fence. 

Using a stiff wire brush can help you remove rust and peeling paint. It’s helpful if you have a piece of cardboard or drop cloth to cover the area. After you scrub the fence, rinse it thoroughly with water. Rinsing it will remove the leftover dust and mildew spores. 

Then, apply a rust-inhibitive primer. You can buy this in liquid form, or you can use an aerosol. Depending on the design of your wrought iron fence, an aerosol primer may be easier to reach. Aerosols work well on intricate designs and can be painted more evenly than brush-painted primer. 

Once the primer has dried, you can paint your fence. Make sure you choose a rust-inhibitive paint that is appropriate for the area. Usually, black enamel is the most popular color. Black is a period-appropriate hue for historic homes. 

When it comes to removing rust, you can use a tannic-acid-based rust converter. For smaller rust spots, you can use a small sanding brush or a toothbrush. For larger rust spots, you will need to use a wire brush. 

You can add a coat of car wax to your railings to make them resistant to moisture. This will make them last longer between touch-ups. In addition, it will add a luster to the metal. Car wax is also a good choice for railings that have delicate curves or are made of metal. 

For the rest of the fence, you can clean it with warm soapy water. Be sure to use a non-ionic detergent or a mild cleanser. Do not use bleach-containing cleaners as they can damage the iron. Washing it with a hose will also flush out any remaining buildup. Let it dry thoroughly before you paint it. 

If your wrought iron fence needs repairs, you can call a fencing contractor. He will be able to reattach any sections of your fence that have become loose. And he will make sure that all the paint on your fence is smooth. 

After the restoration project is complete, your wrought iron fence will be ready for more years of use. Keep in mind that the more you take care of your fence, the more you can enjoy it for decades.