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How to Cover Chain Link Fence For Privacy?

If you’re looking to increase your privacy but can’t afford to replace your chain link fence, there are a number of ways to cover it. You can buy wooden panels, wire mesh covers, hanging fence slats, bamboo screens, or reed screens. 

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Wooden Panels

A more permanent solution to covering your chain link fence is to install wooden panels. You can choose a style and color to suit your needs, and you’ll be able to screw them directly to the fencing wire with u brackets (available at most home improvement stores). This will not only add a beautiful accent to your property but will also protect your chain link fence from water damage and pests. 

Wire Mesh Screens

The most inexpensive way to cover a chain link fence is to use a wire mesh screen. This is a great choice for a budget-friendly privacy solution, and it is wind- and water-permeable so that it will last longer than other options. 

You can purchase prefabricated wire mesh screens at your local hardware store. These are easy to set up and will last for years. You can also get mesh screens that have a double-thick trim around the perimeter, with brass grommets for easy attachment to your fence. 

Reed Screens

For a low cost and quick fix, consider installing reed screens to cover your fence. These are available in rolls that are 8 to 16 feet long, and they’re woven together from thin reeds about the thickness of a drinking straw. They provide about 85 percent privacy when they’re new, but as the reeds disintegrate and fall apart, the privacy decreases as well. 

If you want to use reed screens, you’ll need to measure the length of your fence. Once you know how much reed screen you need, you can buy them at your local home center or online. 

Once you have your reeds, you can start weaving them into different patterns to create a customized look for your fence. Be sure to leave space between each screen so that air can pass through. 

Climbing Plants and Hedges

Another great option to cover your chain link fence is to grow plants. However, you’ll need to be a bit more patient than with other privacy solutions because this method takes time for the plant to climb the fence and cover it completely. 

It’s also important to pick out a plant that won’t be poisonous for you or your pets. You’ll need to keep your plants well-watered and make sure they have enough food and nutrients. 

The final step is to secure the plants to the fence using twist ties or plant ties. This will be a more permanent and cost-effective solution, and it’s worth the extra work to keep your property private. 

Finally, if you’re in the market for a more traditional privacy solution, you can purchase a lattice fence to cover your chain link fence. You can find lattice in a variety of colors and thicknesses, but be aware that they will not give you the same level of privacy as other options.