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How to Erect a Chain-Link Fence?

Whether you’re looking to add privacy or simply want an eye-catching element, a chain-link fence can be the perfect addition to your home. It’s relatively easy to erect, requires minimal maintenance, and is available in a wide range of heights and finishes. 

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  1. Determine how long the fence will be and what material you want to use

First, measure the perimeter of your desired fencing area and calculate how much chain link fabric or mesh you’ll need. This will help you determine the number of posts you’ll need and how tall your fence should be. 

  1. Choose a design that meets your needs and local building codes.

A common design includes corner posts that attach to each other and line posts that run an average of 8 to 10 feet apart. Some designs also include a tension wire that wraps around the bottom loops of the mesh to hold it in place and prevent it from bowing outward. 

3. Establish the Post Locations

Once you know where you want each of your fence corners to go, dig the post holes. They should be about 8 inches in diameter and 30 inches deep with sloping sides. Using a post-hole digger, create one hole for each corner and one for the middle of each line. 

4. Set Each Terminal Post to Grade

Once your posts are in the ground, position them to a plumb and leveled position by sighting across their tops. This ensures that the fence will be as level as possible and won’t tilt or sag over time. 

5. Set each terminal post in a concrete hole

To firmly anchor each fence post, you must set it in a cement-mix hole. Depending on the type of fence, this may be done by pouring concrete into the hole and sticking it in or simply driving the post into the wet cement mix. 

6. Add Tension Bands to End Posts

Each post needs a tension band pointing toward the outside of the fence. The band should be tightened before you attach the rest of the fence, so it can be pulled taught to help prevent sag. 

7. Install Chain Link Slats

Adding slats to the fence adds a decorative touch and can reduce visibility, especially on dark days. You can also plant vines or other greenery to provide additional privacy and give the fence a natural look. 

8. Wire the Bottom Loops of the Mesh

Depending on the type of fence you want to install, you may need to add extra strength by wiring the bottom loops of the chain link mesh. The wire is woven into the mesh at both ends of each terminal post and wrapped several times to secure it. You can also use a cable clamp to cinch the wire, but this is a more labor-intensive option and requires the assistance of a helper. 

9. Wire the Ends of the Mesh

Once the fence is in place, wrap a fence-pulling rod into the chain link mesh about 36 inches in front of each end post and pull it tight. A come-along cable puller winch is useful for this job, but you can also use a hand-tightening technique.