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How to Fix a Chain Link Fence?

Whether you have had a tree fall on your fence or your fence has experienced some kind of external force, a chain link fence may need a little TLC. You can fix your chain link fence yourself, or you can hire a professional to get the job done. Depending on how much damage there is, it might cost you a few hundred dollars to have the repair done right. 

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First, you should take note of all the loose parts on your fence. You should also inspect all the posts, rails, and top rails. You may find that one or more posts are crooked, or that there are loose gates or gates that need to be replaced. If your fence has no concrete footers, you will have to dig holes for the posts to fit into. You may also find that some of the top rails are bent. These are not problems to be ignored, as they will eventually begin to sag and pull out of place. 

Next, you should measure and cut the chain link to fit your fence. The average chain link fence has dozens of individual posts. You should measure the distance between each one to determine the size of the roll of chain link you need. 

You should also measure the diameter of the fence post. The average post is about 1 5/8 inches in diameter. If your post is a little larger, you can make it even taller by drilling two holes at 90 degree angles and adding screws. A fence post that is three feet tall can be used to replace a post that is only one foot high. You may also want to purchase a come-along tool to attach to two of the nearest posts. 

The best fence patch is the one that fits the fence, and the one that matches the fence the best. You can do this by taking the time to measure the most important parts of your fence. The railing should have a tapered end. The railing should also be a couple of inches wider at the end than at the end of the chain mesh. This will allow the wires to be folded into the fence for added security. 

The new rail should fit over the top rail, with the ends bolted into the terminal posts. The new rail should have a cutting line to mark where it will be cut. You can also use wire cutters to cut off the extra wire. The chain link fence can be bent to fit into a hole, but you will have to cut out the loose wires first. You may also need to purchase a roll of chain link to get the job done. 

After you have replaced the damaged parts of your fence, you need to install the new rail. You should attach the new rail to the brace bands or tension bands. You may need to re-attach the corner posts as well. You can also add fence post sleeves along the length of the fence.