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How to Fix the Bottom of a Chain Link Fence?

Whether you are building a new fence or repairing an old one, you need to know how to fix the bottom of a chain link fence. When the bottom rail of a chain link fence is damaged, it can be easy for the bottom of the fence to collapse and lean over. Fortunately, there are several methods to fix a broken or sagging fence. The first method involves placing wood stakes underneath each post and making sure that the posts are level. Another option is to fill in the hole with concrete. This method is not as affordable as the first option, but it can still be a good solution. 

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If you are unable to fill in the hole with concrete, you can use wire or gravel to secure the bottom of your chain link fence. You can also patch holes with metal mesh or chicken wire. However, this will make the bottom of your chain link fence look very messy. To avoid this, you should clean up the area before you start. 

For a more permanent fix, you can replace the bottom rail of your chain link fence with a new one. You can also purchase replacement rail ends for the top and bottom rails of your fence from your local home improvement store. These replacement rails should be about 2-3 inches longer than your original rails. They should have a tapered end and a wider end. Make sure you choose the proper diameter of rail for your chain link fence. 

To remove the bottom rail of a chain link fence, you need to first untie the tension bands on the posts. Using heavy-duty cutters, you can cut the bolts that hold the fence panel in place. Once you have removed the bolts, you can loosen the tension band. With the help of a friend or helper, you can insert the new rail into the existing rail. 

Use a come-along tool to attach the rail to two of the posts that are closest to the hole. Your friend can hold the rail in place while you cut it. Alternatively, you can use a reciprocal saw to make the cut. It’s important to wear ear protection when using a reciprocal saw. 

Next, you need to find two or three eyelets to fasten the new rail. Each eyelet is a long screw-type thing with an eye at the top. Depending on the size of your fence, you may need to install more than one. Alternatively, you can use wire ties to fasten the new rail to the top rail. 

After the rail is in place, you can attach the tension bar. The tension bar will slide between the openings in the tension bands, which makes the end of the fence rigid. Tighten the brace bands as well. This will provide a tighter and more secure fit for the rail. 

Having a reliable fence can be an important feature of a yard. In addition to being able to secure the fence, you can prevent dogs from pushing the fence down. Chain link fences can also be used as security fencing for livestock.