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How to Hang Mesh Fencing on Metal U Posts?

Whether you’re looking to keep pets out of the garden or to protect livestock from predators, mesh fencing is an ideal choice. Often sold in rolls, it’s easy to hang with simple fasteners and is often cheaper than welded wire fencing. 

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Choosing the Right Posts for Mesh Fencing

Depending on your needs and budget, you may want to choose between two different kinds of fence posts: T-posts and U-posts. Both of these posts are strong, long-lasting and sturdy enough to hold your fencing. 


If you need a heavy-duty fence, such as for cattle or horses, T-posts are the best choice. They are structurally sound and can be buried deep into the ground to prevent them from tipping over. You’ll need to make sure that they are firmly in place before you start hanging mesh. 

Use manufacturer-designed fastener clips to snap the posts into place or twist a length of wire around their studs. These will secure the mesh securely without leaving any gaps. 

Installing T-bar and U-bar Fences

A typical metal fence comes in either a T-bar or a U-bar design, but each can be installed in several different ways. T-bar fences have a metal plate on the end that you can insert into a hole to support the fence. The T-bar fence can then be bolted to the post or hung on it using a variety of clips. A U-bar fence is similar to the T-bar design, but instead of a metal plate on the end, the post has a strut that you can screw into a hole. 

Once you’ve set the fence up, you can add a gate and other decorations to enhance its appearance. You can also choose a decorative mesh to complement the fence’s aesthetics. 

Step 1 – Prepare Posts

To install your fence, you’ll need to dig foundation holes for each post that are about 500mm deep and 350mm wide. The holes should be spaced a bay width apart. 

After you’ve dug the foundation holes, you need to set the posts into them. If your mesh fencing uses steel posts, you’ll need to pound the bottom of the post into the ground to anchor it. 

Step 2 – Unroll the Mesh

Once you have the mesh, it’s time to start installing it. To do this, you’ll need a stapler and a pair of scissors. Begin by cutting one roll of the mesh even with the edge of the post. If you need more than one, cut the rolls in half so you can overlap them. 

Step 3 – Attach the Mesh

Next, you’ll need to staple the mesh to the top rail of the fence and then down the post. Staple the mesh to the top rail every six inches, and down the post every three inches. Repeat the process until you’ve reached the other end of the fence. 

If you need a more aesthetically pleasing way to attach the mesh, you can use a combination of wood and welded mesh. This combination of materials can create a beautiful fence that has the beauty of wood and the strength of the industrial metal.