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How to Install a Chain Link Fence Double Gate? 

A double gate is a great way to keep your pets and children safely contained while allowing easy access into your yard. With proper planning and preparation, it is possible to install a chain link fence double gate in a short amount of time. 

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Before you begin, ensure that your property lines have been established and the fence is well-spaced to avoid encroaching on neighboring properties. Drive stakes in 4″ inside each line to determine the position and layout of the chain link fencing. 

Next, apply a layer of construction adhesive to the top and bottom ends of each gate frame (see Fig. 3), using a large square. Place fence pickets over the frame, to match your existing fence. Screw these within the frame, using 3-inch exterior deck screws. 

The Gate Posts

Set the posts in concrete or on the ground. Use a level to make sure they are plumb and in proper alignment. If setting in concrete, set the posts in the footing so that they are centered on the string line and do not extend past the string. 

Once the posts are in place, set the height of the posts by carefully moving them up or down in the footing until they are plumb and in alignment. Refer to the “Height to Set Post Chart” for precise measurements. 

If the linear footage between terminal posts is greater than 50ft, splice the fabric as shown in Fig. 8, if necessary. The fence fabric should be on the outside of the terminal posts with the edge at the top. It should be loosely attached to the top rail by tie wires. 

Securing the Rail Ends and Single Brace Bands

Once you have secured the first few rows of fabric, insert a tension bar about 5′ from one terminal post and attach a fence stretcher to it. Using a come-a-long, stretch the fabric until it is tight. Test it to make sure that it gives slightly when you pull on it. When it is sufficiently stretched, remove the stretcher and secure evenly spaced tension bands already on the post to the fence fabric. Then fasten them to the bar using tension bands with nuts and bolts. 

Slide the tension bar through the first row of chain link fabric and secure it to the post using tie wires, if necessary. Keeping the tension bar in place, walk along the fence fabric, standing it up against the fence frame to eliminate slack. Then, attach the top rail to the terminal post with a rail end cap or rail end and single brace band. 

The Double Wheel Carriers

If you are installing a rolling gate, you will need to install a pair of double-wheel carriers on the rear vertical support of the gate. These wheels will ride along the track that is installed on the inside of the fence. This allows you to move the gates in and out quickly and easily.