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How to Install a Chain Link Fence on Uneven Ground?

Having a chain link fence is a great way to protect your home, property, and animals. It also provides a sense of accomplishment. But, installing a chain link fence on uneven ground can be a challenge. It’s important to understand what steps to take in order to get the job done right. 

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The first step in installing a chain link fence on uneven ground is to mark out your pole locations. This will help minimize any unnecessary effort and make the installation process easier. Depending on the type of terrain, your posts may need to be longer or shorter. In addition, if you plan to install the fence yourself, you will need to get a building permit. Obtaining a map of your property is also a good idea. A copy of the plat map from your local tax assessor is also useful. 

After marking out your pole locations, you need to dig holes for the posts. You can use a post-hole digger or a motorized auger. Make sure the holes are deep enough to support your fence. Also, make sure that the holes are level. You should place your posts vertically and in the center of the holes. You can use a string to help level your line posts. It’s also a good idea to use wire ties or screws to secure your posts. 

Next, you need to set the concrete in the posts’ holes. The concrete will set in a few hours depending on the type of concrete you use. After that, the concrete will need to dry for at least one day. If your posts are on uneven ground, you may need to make adjustments before the concrete hardens. 

Once the posts are ready, you can attach the rail end band to the terminal post. You should use a 5/16″ x 1-1/4″ carriage bolt to fasten the rail end band to the terminal post. This will allow the rail end to fit onto the terminal post without spreading the fittings. You can also trim the excess fencing at the top and bottom of the posts. The rail end band should be long, flat, and centered toward the outside of the fence. 

After the posts are secured, you can install the tension bars. This will allow the fabric to follow the contour of the ground. The tension bar should be inserted through the first row of chain-link diamonds. You should then fasten evenly spaced tension bands to the tension bar. 

Then, you can start to assemble the chain link fence. Start at the top of the post and work your way down. If you are installing a slatted fence, it will be easier to see where the chain link will be installed. If you are installing a non-slatted fence, you may need to make more cuts to accommodate the slope. You may also need to install extra tension posts to terminate the fence line at the top and bottom.