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How to Install a Chain Link Fence on Uneven Ground?

Putting a chain link fence on uneven ground may seem like a daunting task, but there are steps you can take to ensure you get the job done. The first step is to ensure your property line is established. Check with the local tax assessor or plat map to get an accurate map of the property. You can then create a sketch to help you calculate the length of the fence. 

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Residential Chain Link Fencing

The next step is to dig the holes for the fence posts. This can be done using a post-hole digger or a motorized auger. Make sure to dig holes that are deep enough to hold the posts vertically. When you are ready to place the posts, it is a good idea to fill the holes with concrete. This will prevent the posts from tilting. You should leave the concrete to dry for at least a day. 

Once the fence posts are in place, you will need to secure the top corners of the chain link fabric to the fence posts. You will want to make sure the top corners are parallel to the string line. For this, you will need a level and a set of tools. These include a shovel, a level, wire cutters, and a pipe cutter. You may also want to purchase protective eye gear. 

Once you have completed the steps above, you are ready to install the chain link fence. Chain link fences typically have two biased cuts on the mesh panels. These cuts allow the fence to be level along its length. If you are installing a fence on a slope, you will also need to cut off some of the chain link fabric to create the sloped fence. The sloped fence is usually six feet high and has privacy slats. Depending on the chain link fence you are installing, you may need to install the webbing directly or you may need to cut out sections of the chain link that overlap fence posts. 

You will also need to secure the terminal posts to the chain link. These terminal posts are thicker and larger than line posts. They should be about two inches shorter than the chain link. You will also need to attach the chain link fiber to the terminal posts using wires and lashes. You may also need to attach metal latches to the terminal posts. 

When you are ready to install the chain link fence on the slope, you will need to adjust the height of the line posts to meet the string. You should also adjust the length of the posts and the depth of the post holes. You may also need to adjust the amount of concrete you put in the post holes. This may require adjusting the posts before the concrete dries. 

For the downhill portion of the fence, you may choose to install a pre-made frame. This will help eliminate the triangular gap between the gate and the ground. You can also use stepped fences.