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How to Install a Chain Link Fence?

When installing a chain link fence, the first step is to determine the number of line posts required. You should also know how large the hole needs to be for the posts. Measure the height and width of your fence panels, and multiply those measurements by two to get the number of line posts needed. 

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Post hole size for chain link fences 

The post hole size for chain link fences varies depending on the height and geographical location. Residential chain link fences typically require six-inch posts that are buried 30 inches deep. For best results, you should make the hole twice as deep as the post and at least 1/3 of the fence’s height above the ground. Post holes for gate posts should be larger than residential chain link fences, allowing for the stress of a swinging gate. To ensure that your chain link fence is properly installed, you can use a post-hole-drilling tool to help you cut a hole with a proper diameter. 

If you are installing chain link fences without concrete, you can use a post-hole digger to dig a hole deep enough to bury the posts at least two feet below ground level. Make sure to make the hole at least one third larger than the posts’ diameter to prevent bending or warping. If you do not want to use concrete, you can use gravel to backfill the hole. 

Measurement of fence panel dimensions 

When installing a chain link fence, it is important to measure the size of each fence panel. This can be a challenging task, especially for the DIYer. You can use the fence manufacturer’s installation instructions to determine the right measurements. A standard fence panel is six to eight feet long. You can also cut the panels to fit any area. 

Once you have the proper measurements, the next step is to install tension bars on the top and bottom rails. This provides extra strength and makes the fence more rigid. Also, you should raise the chain link mesh about 2 inches from the ground and hang it over the top rail by one or two inches. 

Calculating required number of line posts 

To calculate the number of line posts needed for your chain link fence installation, begin by measuring the fence section. You can divide this number by 10 to arrive at the required number of posts per section. For example, if your fence line measures 200 feet, you will need 19 posts and 20 spaces between the posts. Similarly, if your fence line measures 72 feet, you will need 7 line posts and 8 spaces. 

Once you have determined the total length of the chain link fence, you can start digging the holes. Make sure that they are shallow and spaced evenly. You can also use a post hole digger to drill “bell holes” in the bottom of the holes. These will help you to prevent uneven spacing of the posts and anchor the concrete footer.