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How to Install Cedar Split Rail Fences?

Cedar split rail fences are a great way to add curb appeal to your home. They can also be used to keep pets inside. You can make the fences safer by attaching wire mesh to the posts. They are a relatively easy fence to install. It is also a good project for people who may not be too skilled at woodwork. 

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There are many things to consider when installing a split rail fence, including the size of your yard and the location of your property line. Your zoning laws may also have rules that affect the style and number of rails that can be placed on your fence. For instance, if your property is surrounded by a steep slope, you may need to cut the rails short or install a fence with an offset. These are important factors in calculating the amount of materials you will need to purchase. You can also check with the local municipalities to determine if any permits are required. 

The average cost of a fence will vary depending on the style you choose and the location of your property. Most individuals will find that they can build a 100 foot fence for under $2,000. The cost will depend on the materials and labor you use to put the fence together. If you are planning on building a larger fence, you may want to consult with your local municipality to determine the number of posts and the height of the fence. 

If your fence is being built to meet zoning regulations, you will need to contact your local city or county office to obtain a permit. In addition to this, you may need to set the fence back from the property line. You can do this by marking a line parallel to the house or by using a narrow rope at the corners. 

The first step in building a split rail fence is to dig post holes. The post holes should be dug at least twelve inches from the string line. This will help you avoid damaging buried utility lines. 

Once the posts are positioned, you should install the rails. You can also use the rails as a guide when you are setting the fence. Once the rails are inserted into the post, you can secure them with 3.5″ galvanized deck screws. This will ensure that they will last for years. 

Next, you need to set the base of gravel around the posts. This will help the posts from leaning. It will also help with drainage in areas that have wet climates. You can use pea gravel to fill the gaps. You should tamp the gravel down firmly to help it compact when you backfill the post. 

You can also use the rails to help you mark the height of your posts. You can mark them on a string line and place it four feet from each intersection. If you have a yard that is not level, you can place a level at the bottom of each post to check for straightness.