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How to Install Chain Link Fence on a Slope?

If you have a chain link fence that is set on a slope, you will need specialized tools and equipment. The slope can either be perpendicular to the fence line or diagonal. Regardless of the situation, the bottom part of the fence will be higher than the top, so you will need to adjust the height of the posts. You will need to use tension bands to hold the chain link fabric in place. 

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First, you will need to pound stakes into the slope. This will give you an idea of where to dig holes for fence posts. After you have the hole ready, you will need to fill it with a mixture of concrete and water. Afterward, you should wait a few hours for the concrete to set. When the concrete is firm, you can place the posts in the ground. However, you will need to check their plumb every few shovels. 

Once the fence posts are in, you should lay the chain link webbing out beside them. You can either install the webbing directly, or you can attach it to the posts as you go. Alternatively, you can purchase pre-made frames. These will be hinged to the downhill post, so you will not have a gap between the downhill post and the top of the fence. 

In most cases, the chain link will be installed in two biased cuts. One cut is near the top of the slope and the other is near the bottom. This allows the chain link to be level along its length. But, in some cases, you will need to cut off excess material. 

You will also need to adjust the rail caps. They should have a 2-inch clearance at the bottom. Also, the tension bar should be inserted between the tension bands on the terminal posts. Tighten the tension bars using a socket wrench. 

You will need to connect the mason’s line to the ground. Your mason’s line will mark the positions of the posts. It should be equal to the distance between the property lines. Before you begin installing the fence, you will want to verify that you are permitted to put up a chain link fence in your area. You can check with your local zoning department or your homeowners association. 

After the post is set, you should hang the netting onto the slope. A second layer of substrate will contain seeds and provide moisture control. Make sure the netting is hung tightly on the slope. 

Installing a chain link fence on a slope isn’t as hard as you might think. Basically, you will need a few tools and a little help. Remember, though, that you are working on an incline and it may take a bit of time. Be sure to ask your helper to hold the fence posts in place while you work. 

Finally, you will need to connect the aluminum tie wire to the posts. This will need to be done every 12 to 16 inches.