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How to Keep Dog in Wrought Iron Fence?

A dog-friendly wrought iron fence is a great option for keeping your dog within your yard. Dogs are naturally playful and like to explore their surroundings. A wrought iron fence is a good way to keep them contained, while still giving them the freedom to roam freely. In this article, we’ll explore three dog-friendly ways to keep your dog within your wrought iron fence. 

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Spray paint wrought iron 

If you are planning to spray paint your wrought iron fence to keep your dog in, here are some tips for the job. First, it is important to prime the fence. For best results, you should use a metal primer specifically for wrought iron. Then, apply the paint, choosing an oil-based one, to ensure the fence will last longer. Alternatively, you can use spray primer. 

Pet mesh 

A wrought iron fence is a good choice if you’re constructing an enclosed area for your dog. However, a dog may be tempted to dig holes in it, putting both his safety and security at risk. Fortunately, most dogs are not chewers and can’t penetrate fences with large gaps. Nonetheless, you should take steps to prevent this from happening. 

Zip ties 

Zip ties are a great way to keep your dog within a wrought iron fence. These small ties are fastened to each horizontal bar and vertical bar. When attached tightly, the mesh is not easily removed. To keep the mesh from falling, start by placing the zip tie at the topmost horizontal bar. Next, wrap the zip tie around the vertical bar. You can also zip tie the bottommost horizontal bar. 

Puppy pickets 

One of the most challenging situations with a wrought iron fence is keeping a dog in the yard. Dogs are very creative and can dig under the fence. This puts them at risk of being run over by vehicles and may even lead to them biting a passerby. Fortunately, there are several solutions that you can use to keep your dog in the yard. 


A wrought iron fence is a good way to keep your dog out of the yard, but it isn’t always a guarantee that it will work. Dogs can jump high and can easily squeeze through small gaps. To avoid this problem, make your wrought iron fence tall enough. Different breeds require different fence heights, but generally, a fence that’s five or six feet tall should be high enough to deter a dog. 

Secondary internal fence 

A secondary internal fence is a great way to prevent your dog from escaping or making bad choices. The fence also prevents other dogs from putting your dog in dangerous situations, such as fence fighting.