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How to Secure the Bottom of a Chain Link Fence?

The bottom of a chain link fence can be a very weak point, and it is easily toppled over if it is not reinforced. There are a number of methods to fix this problem. However, the best method depends on your needs and budget. 

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One method to secure the bottom of a chain link fence is to add tension wire. This method is simple and requires little work. The wire is secured between two terminal posts and is sandwiched between the chain link fabric. This provides a solid base for the fence, and also keeps dogs from pushing the bottom away from the ground. 

Another method is to use stakes. These are cheap and can be bought at any hardware store. The stakes should be driven into the ground until almost fully in place. They should be placed as close to the fence as possible. 

In addition to using tension wire, you can also install a bottom rail on the chain link fence. This can make it easier to attach the fabric to the fence. This rail can be installed beneath the fence or anchored into a concrete footing. It should have the same diameter as the old rail and leave about two inches of space at the bottom. The diameter of the rail can be measured using a ruler. 

The bottom of a chain link fence can also be fixed by installing gravel. The gravel should be dry before it is put in place. If the fence is installed on a slope, it should be leveled first. The fence should be stable and not higher than two inches above the grade. 

If you do not want to reinforce the fence, you can simply fix the gap in the chain link fence with a bottom rail. This can be done by installing a rail coupling. The coupling can be attached to the new rail and slide over the old rail. Once the rail is in place, adjust the coupling to the height of the mesh. Once the bottom rail is in place, you can then install the fabric, which should be about two to three links longer than the original. You should still try to bury the bottom of the chain link fabric to prevent the mesh from being forced up. 

You may also want to consider adding stainless steel barbed tape to the bottom of the fence. This tape can be put in front of the fence and around the base of the fence. This will provide an additional barrier against dogs and other animals that might be tempted to push the bottom of the fence up. 

Alternatively, you can fix the gap in your chain link fence by replacing the entire rail. If you have a reciprocating saw, you can slide the new rail into the old rail. Once the rail is in the proper position, you can use a file to smooth the edges. If you don’t have a reciprocating saw, you can use a hammer and a hacksaw to cut the new rail. This will also require the use of protective gear.