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How to Make a Chain Link Fence Private?

Adding privacy to a chain link fence can be an easy and cost-effective project. However, there are several ways to achieve this, ranging from the easy to the more complicated. In addition to providing a private space for you and your family, a chain link fence can also increase the value of your home. 

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One way to add privacy to a chain link fence is by adding slats. Slats come in a variety of colors, and they are woven into the chain link. These slats are relatively inexpensive, but they can make a chain link fence look better and increase privacy. In fact, slats can increase privacy by as much as 75%. 

Another way to add privacy to a chain link is by using a lattice panel. The lattice panel should be installed flush with the chain link fence. This will make the fence appear more finished and will also give it the illusion of a vine. Many lattice panels are available, and most hardware stores sell wooden or plastic lattice panels. 

Another option is to add artificial hedges to your chain link fence. The artificial hedges are available in rolls and panels and will look great year after year. They can also be cleaned periodically. They will stay green and will provide a privacy barrier, which is important in a chain link fence. They can also be replaced if they are damaged. 

You can install bamboo screens if you prefer a natural look for your chain link fence. These can be found in home improvement stores and are inexpensive. They are also easy to install. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. They can also be easily secured to the chain link with zip ties. 

You can also add potted plants to your chain link fence. These plants can be placed on top of the chain link and will give you privacy while still providing a beautiful addition to your yard. You can also hang outdoor curtains using natural wood rods. 

A fourth option for adding privacy to a chain link fence is to plant bushes and trees. These are also easy to install and will provide privacy while giving your fence a more secluded look. A great bonus is that the plants will grow very quickly. The plants should also be placed in a way that they will cover a larger area. 

Another inexpensive option for adding privacy to a chain link is to make a fence weave. This is a plastic material that can be inserted into the chain link. The weave can be customized and will remain on the chain link for as long as you want. 

Another easy way to add privacy to a chain link Fence is to add a privacy mesh screen. This mesh privacy fabric is made of UV-rated polypropylene and is extremely durable. It is also breathable and will not act like a sail in the wind. This privacy fabric can be purchased at the same height as the chain link fence and can be easily installed.