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How to Make a Wooden Gate With Metal Fencing?

If you’re looking to increase privacy on your property, building a wooden gate can be a great way to go. It’s also easy to build and requires only a few supplies. 

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Step One: Choosing the Materials

To start, decide whether you want a wood fence gate or a metal one. If you opt for a wood gate, it’s important to use durable wood such as cedar or redwood. If you’re going with a metal gate, choose a metal post that can stand up to the elements and last for many years to come. 

Next, you’ll need a frame for the gate. A basic wood box will work, but if you want to give it a more elegant look, consider adding decorative trim around the edges of the frame. 

You’ll need a few boards to build the frame of the gate, depending on its size. Typically, a 2×4 will be enough for a simple wood gate, but you can scale up the frame to fit a larger opening. 

Then, you’ll need a few pickets to attach to the latch side of the gate. This will provide support for the gate latch and make it easier to hang on the fence. 

Once you’ve cut your fence pickets to the correct length, set them on a bench or ground and position them so that they’re three inches closer together than the rails on the fence. This will ensure that you can fit the gate into the fence post without any issues. 

Step Two: Gluing the Diagonal Brace

The diagonal brace is what keeps the gates rigid and stable, so you’ll need to glue it in place. Using the carpenter’s glue, put a line on each of the two wood pieces you’re using for the braces. Then, press them into place on the top and bottom of your gate and set something heavy on top to hold it in place while the glue sets. 

Repeat the process for the other 2x4s that will go on each end of your gate. You’ll need two top rails and one bottom rail for each gate. You can also add additional rails if you wish, but it’s best to keep the fence gate as narrow as possible to avoid having it overhang too much. 

Step Three: Cutting the Diagonal Brace

Now, you’ll need to cut the diagonal brace according to the six spots you marked with your pencil. After that, remove the temporary nails and cut the diagonal brace with your miter saw. You’ll need to discard the three pieces you don’t use, but keep two for finishing your gate. 

Once you’ve finished cutting the diagonal brace, use your straight-edge ruler to mark a line across it, parallel to the lines of the horizontal braces. When you’re done, cut the brace with your miter saw at those marks and then remove the temporary nails. 

To prevent the gate from sagging, use an exterior fence or deck screws to secure the diagonal brace and rails to the gate. You can also use a small nail, but be careful not to overdo it and cause sagging.