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How to Paint a Wood Fence With a Sprayer? 

When you want to give your fence a fresh look, painting it with a sprayer is an easy and effective way to achieve a beautiful finish. But it is important to follow the right steps to ensure the best results. 

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Prepare the Area

Before you start spraying a wood fence, make sure to remove all of the vegetation and other objects that could get in the way or dangle over the top. This can be done by mowing the grass and trimming any shrubs or trees that are nearby, so they don’t hang over the fence when you paint. Then, lay a large tarp down on the ground where you plan to paint and move it with you as you work. 

Clean the Fence

Before painting your fence, you’ll want to wash it thoroughly. This is essential because it will remove any dirt, oil or other substances that could compromise the protective barrier on the wood and cause the new paint to peel or rot. It’s also a good idea to use a fence cleaner to get rid of any existing stains on your fence and to thoroughly dry the wood before applying a coat of paint. 

Choose the Right Fence Paint

To achieve a beautiful, long-lasting finish, you’ll want to find exterior paint that is specifically formulated for wood surfaces. This type of paint will resist fading and cracking, and it will also be mildew-resistant. You can find this kind of paint at most home improvement stores. 

Pick the Right Tools for the Job

If you’re going to use a sprayer, make sure that it is clean and that the nozzle isn’t too close to the surface of the fence. The nozzle needs to be six to eight inches away from the fence, so it will be able to reach all of the edges without getting in the way. 

Wear safety glasses and a dust mask or respirator when using a sprayer to avoid a buildup of harmful fumes. You should also turn off any appliances in the area. 

TRIM the Area

If your fence has a trellis, trim it back so that you can get to all of the parts. This will prevent the paint from sticking to the fence and will also help it dry more quickly. 


If the fence has been previously painted, scrape off any peeling or chipping paint with a Wagner Paint EATER and a Wagner Heat Gun (see our DIY project on how to remove paint from wood). It is a good idea to use a fence brush or roller for the corners of your fence. 

Apply the Paint with a Brush and Roller

The best thing about spraying a fence is that it’s quick and efficient, and the finish can be just as good. However, it is important to remember that you must follow the direction of the wood grain when spraying to ensure that your fence gets a professional, smooth finish.