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How to Paint a Cedar Fence?

Whether your cedar fence has seen better days or has been exposed to nature, a simple paint job can make a big difference. The most important step is to get an accurate measurement of the area you want to paint. The length and width of the area will affect the number of materials you will need, as will the cost of the materials. You should also consider your budget. If you are painting a fence that is only about a foot tall, you can expect to pay between $2 and $7 per linear foot. You will also need a paintbrush and a paint roller. 

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When choosing a paint for your cedar fence, it is important to select high-quality exterior acrylic paint. You will also need to choose a primer that is compatible with the paint you are using. The primer should be oil-based, as this will protect the wood from moisture. If your fence is rotting, you may need to replace some of the rotted boards before painting. You should also consider how the weather will affect your fence. If your fence has a lot of vegetation at the base, it may be better to cover the area with a tarp. 

Before you start painting, you should check the weather forecast. If you are painting during a warm, dry day, you will have fewer problems. On the other hand, if you are painting during a cold, rainy day, you may have trouble getting the paint to adhere to the wood. Also, if you are painting a fence that has been exposed to moisture, you will need to allow the paint to dry completely before you move forward. 

When choosing a paint, you may need to test out various options. You will need to consider your budget, the style of your home, and the time you have to complete the project. You may even need to contact your Home Owners Association to find out what their rules are regarding paint colors. 

The best type of paint to use on a cedar fence is an oil-based acrylic primer. This type of primer will protect the wood from moisture and also prevent Cedar tannin from forming. You should allow the primer to settle in for about eight hours before moving forward. You will then need to apply a coat of 100% acrylic latex paint. It is best to use a brush to apply the paint. 

A paint sprayer is also a good way to get the job done faster. A paint sprayer will cover more surface area than a brush, so you can be more efficient with the process. You can also use a paint sprayer to remove the paint if something goes wrong. This is a great way to prevent painting mistakes. 

You should also check the technical data sheet on the paint you choose. This is a good place to look for information about the most important features of the paint you are using. You may also want to read the label carefully. The best fence paints will allow you to choose from a vast array of colors.