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How to Paint Fence Wood the Right Way? 

Painting fence wood is an easy way to add curb appeal and value to your home. In addition to looking great, it also protects the wood and keeps it from deteriorating over time. But before you start painting, it’s important to get the job done right! 

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First, you need to clean the fence thoroughly. To do this, use a power washer if you have one or just a garden hose and spray nozzle to make sure that all the dirt is removed from the wood surface. After cleaning the fence, you will need to sand it down so that the paint will have something to grip onto. 

When you sand, you can go over each section of the fence one by one with coarse sandpaper to ensure that all the edges are smooth and free of dents or scratches. This will also help to remove any loose flakes of paint that might be on the fence and prevent them from sticking together when you apply a new coat of paint. 

Next, you’ll want to inspect the fence for any cracks, splits, or holes that might need patching. This is where a good wood putty tool will come in handy. HYDE’s Black & Silver(r) 5-in-1 Multi-Tool is ideal for this task because it has a sharp point that can scrape away splinters, and its flat front end perfectly levels out putty over cracks or nail holes. 

Once the fence has been cleaned and sanded, you can apply your new paint. The best paints for fencing are exterior paints that are specially formulated to help protect the wood from harsh weather conditions. They contain UV inhibitors and mildewcide to keep the paint from absorbing too much moisture and causing mold growth. 

To paint your fence, you’ll need a paintbrush and a roller or sprayer. Using either of these tools can save you a lot of time and money by getting the job done quickly, but they should be used carefully so as not to damage the wood. 

Choose the best paint for your fence and read the instructions closely to ensure you are applying it properly. It’s important to buy quality exterior paint that is made with UV inhibitors to protect the wood from the sun’s damaging rays and keep it from yellowing over time. 

Secondly, you should look for paint that has an opacity of about 70 percent. This will give you plenty of coverage without overdoing it and allow the paint to peel off easily in the future. 

Thirdly, you should use a high-quality stain. Using an inferior product could mean that the stain will only last a few years before it begins to fade and need to be redone. You may even have to replace the entire fence if it looks dingy and shabby after a few years of neglect. 

If you have a wooden fence that needs refinishing or re-staining, consider using Real Milk Paint. It’s a high-quality, long-lasting fence paint that comes in a wide variety of decorator shades and stays on the wood for a beautiful finish. It’s also a safe, environmentally-friendly option that is non-toxic and does not contain harmful chemicals.