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How to Pressure Wash a Wood Fence? 

Pressure washing a wood fence is an effective way to remove years of grime and stains from the exterior. But it’s important to use the right technique and equipment so that the fence stays looking new and doesn’t suffer unnecessary damage. 

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Before pressure washing, prep the fence for cleaning by removing anything that will get in your way or interfere with the pressure washer’s ability to spray. This includes furniture, plants, and other decorations that are near the fence and can be damaged by the power washer’s spray. 

Safety is a key concern, so wear safety glasses, work gloves, and work shoes and ensure the fence is secure by covering it with plastic sheeting or other protective materials. This will prevent the power washer’s spray from going into your neighbor’s yard, damaging their landscaping or harming anyone nearby. 

Pick the Proper Nozzle and PSI

The right nozzle will provide enough pressure to clean your fence, but not so much that it damages or splinters the wood. For softer woods, a 15-degree nozzle works well, but general-purpose nozzles are also suitable. For harder woods, a 25-degree nozzle is ideal. 

Test the pressure washer on a small section of your fence to ensure that it’s working properly and not causing any damage. Adjust the pressure setting as needed until it’s set on a non-damaging PSI. 

Wash the fence in sections and apply the cleaning solution to the surface, ensuring the pressure washer’s nozzle is on a low PSI. Let the solution soak for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off. 

Make sure the fence is free of any dirt and debris that can cause streaking or staining, such as bird droppings, weeds, mud and more. You may need to scrub the area with a pressure washer scrub brush or a garden hose attachment to break up stubborn stains and remove dirt. 

Once you have all the areas cleaned, rinse off with fresh water. Do not leave the cleaner on for more than 10 minutes or your solution will harden and make the job more difficult. 

A good power wash with the proper nozzle and PSI will restore the beauty of your wood fence. It will help it last longer and prevent future problems. 

Cedar is a popular choice for many types of fences due to its durability, rot resistance, and good-looking appearance. But its aging process can cause the wood to lose some of its natural colors and become gray or black. 

If your cedar fence is starting to look dull and old, it’s time for a wood fence restoration. It’s a relatively simple project that can turn a dull fence into something you’ll be proud of again. 

Once the wood is clean, you can begin applying a semitransparent oil stain to the fence, which will help it keep its beautiful look for years to come. Most semitransparent oil stains are guaranteed to last two to five years, and you can also renew them with staining solutions.