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How to Put in a Chain Link Fence?

A chain link fence is an affordable and convenient way to keep your kids and pets safe. It provides a sturdy barrier that’s easy to maintain and can be used for many purposes, including privacy, animal enclosures, and playgrounds. It’s also available in a variety of styles and colors to suit your preferences. 

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Before you start putting in your chain link fence, you’ll need to prepare the area for construction. To do this, mark the location of the corner, gate, and end posts on the ground with spray paint or a similar marker. You can also use landscape stakes to mark the space between the posts. 

Once you’ve marked the locations of the posts, dig holes for each post. These holes should be at least three times wider than the post. They should be at least 3 inches deep to allow for a concrete footer and the post itself. 

Set the Terminal Posts (gate, corner, and end)

Before setting the line posts, be sure to set the terminal posts in concrete to secure them. Then, add bands and post caps to them after they are in place and the concrete has hardened. You may also need to notch the bottom of the post to make it more stable. 

Next, attach two brace bands to each terminal post. The brace bands should be positioned so that they are centered between the terminal post and the adjacent line post, or its footing. If you’re installing the fence on top of an existing fence, be sure to leave a two-inch gap between the bottom rail and the top of the fence mesh, so the new material will sit evenly over the old. 

Step 2 – Stretch the Guide String and Measure the Distances

To accurately gauge the length of the fence, restretch your guide string and measure each string against the edge of a yard or other object to ensure that it’s not too short. If necessary, adjust the strings and repeat. 

If the string is too long, cut it and re-stretch. Once the string is back to the proper length, it’s time to begin preparing your fence. 

Installing a Chain Link Fence: Preparing the Fence Fabric

To prepare your fence fabric, gather it up in a roll and unroll it near the fence line. Then, slide a tension bar through the end of it, where the diamond ends will connect with the fence. This will help stabilize the chain link mesh, making it easier to attach to the posts. 

Slide a wire stretcher bar vertically through the diamond ends of the chain link mesh on one side of the fence. With your come-along puller winch hooked to the stretcher bar, crank the lever until the mesh moves less than 1/4 inch when you squeeze the diamonds. 

Now, you can use the tension bars to attach the mesh to the fence posts. You can also weave tension wire between the terminal and line posts to help stabilize the mesh. This can be a helpful option for any fence that will be more than about 10 feet tall.