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How to Put Up a Chain Link Fence?

Whether you’re looking for a way to enclose your yard or add an extra layer of privacy, installing a chain link fence can be a relatively quick and easy process. But you’ll want to be sure to use the right equipment and safety precautions when you’re doing it yourself. The first step is to measure the length of your fence. A good rule of thumb is to set each post no more than 10 feet tall. Once the posts are in place, you’ll need to cut them into sections. Each section should be about 20 feet long. Depending on the size of your yard, you may need to make a couple of cuts. 

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Next, you’ll need to dig a hole for your fence. This can be accomplished by using a post-hole digger or a two-person auger. Make sure the hole is at least three times wider than the post’s diameter. It’s also a good idea to soak the ground around the concrete so it’s easier to dig. If you’re installing a chain link fence, you’ll need concrete posts every three meters. 

Once you have the posts dug out, you’ll want to mark where they will go. Using a piece of string, measure 3 feet and 4 feet off the string. You can also use wood stakes to make a similar mark. After you’ve completed this step, you’ll need to set the post to the grade. If you have a helper, they can help you hold the post in place and raise it to a level. You can also add gravel around the post to help it drain away from the ground. 

You’ll also need to add tension bands to each post. They’re a good way to stiffen the mesh. The tension bars can be tied to each post or woven through the mesh at the end of each roll. To get the most out of the chain link, you’ll want to install each tension bar in the right place. 

After you’ve set the posts, you’ll want to install the top rail of the chain link fence. This requires a bit of handiwork, but it’s important to keep the top rail out of the way. You’ll want to thread the top rail through the top-of-the-line post nearest the terminal post. Attach it to the terminal post with the carriage bolt, which has a head that faces the outside of the fence. The carriage bolt can be a little tricky to tighten, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

The best part is that installing a chain link fence doesn’t require a building permit. However, you’ll want to wear heavy gloves and be careful with your chain link, since they’re heavy. Be sure to wear safety glasses too, since you’ll be working with wires. 

To keep your chain link fence from sagging, you should slope it slightly. Depending on the type of chain link fence you’re installing, you may need to fill in around the posts to get them to line up perfectly. You can also splice together the mesh sections to keep them from getting too long.