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How to Put Up a Vinyl Fence?

Putting up a vinyl fence is relatively easy if you follow some basic guidelines. Depending on the type of vinyl fence you install, you may need a building permit. Other requirements may include installing a top rail and securing it with a screw from the inside. For some types of fence, a bottom rail may be added later. You will also need to install rail brackets. If you have a sloped backyard, you may have to cut the rails at an angle. 

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To install a vinyl fence, start by determining the perimeter of the fence. This can be done by marking a line with spray paint or by using landscape stakes. You can also use a string between the corner posts to define the line. For example, if you have a six-foot tall fence, you will need to install the line posts twelve inches away from each corner. 

Next, dig holes for the fence posts. You can use a post-hole digger for this task, but you will probably find it easier to use a shovel. Be sure to dig the holes straight and deep enough. If you use a post-hole digger, be sure to wear gloves. 

Use a level to determine the best position for the posts. For example, if the fence is on a hill, you might want to bury the bottom rail slightly below the ground to minimize gaps. Also, the fence could be made taller by stapling the ends of each post together. 

Use a level to determine the height of the top rail. Once the rail is in place, attach the top rail to the bottom rail via a screw. The top rail should be capped to prevent rain from getting inside. If you are installing a vinyl privacy fence, you may have to install a bracket system to attach the top rail to the side posts. This will also help to ensure that the bottom rail is straight and level. 

Make sure to use the right type of concrete mixture. If you are installing a vinyl fence over existing chain link posts, you should use a mixture that is about 20 inches deep. This will prevent the fence from sticking to the existing posts. This is not always the case, though, so make sure you check with the manufacturer to be sure. 

There are other ways to install a vinyl fence, including installing a pipe fence. Using a pipe means you will not need to dig a big hole. You can also use a pneumatic post pounder, which is faster and more efficient. If you are installing a vinyl privacy gate, you will also need to install a bracket system to attach the gate to the posts. 

If you are not sure which type of fence is best for your home, you may want to talk to a fence specialist. These experts will be able to suggest the best type of vinyl fence for your home. They may also be able to provide information on installation tips and pitfalls.