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How to Put Up Chain Link Fence Posts?

Chain link fences are popular because they are inexpensive and provide a good level of privacy for your yard. They’re also durable, sturdy and strong. But before you can put up a chain link fence, you’ll need to determine the right height and materials for your project. Here’s how to do it: 

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Step 1. Select the right height for your fence

Next, choose chain link mesh that is four to six feet tall and has a smooth finish. Some mesh is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel, while others are lightweight aluminum. Pick the material that works best for your needs and budget. 

Step 2. Add End Posts / Corner Posts

Each end and corner of your chain link fence requires support and rigidity. For a four-foot-tall fence, you’ll need three end posts and two corner posts. 

Attach tension bars and brace bands onto the ends of your end and corner posts. The bar makes the end of the fence rigid, and the brace bands keep the bars in place. For fences that are up to six feet tall, you’ll need four tension bars per end and corner post. 

Set Up the Chain Link Fabric

To stretch the fabric, slide a stretcher bar into the tension bar on your first end post and pull it tight by hand. Repeat this process with each end post, until all of your stretchers are in place. 

Step 3. Hang the Mesh from the Posts

To make the chain link fence fabric ‘hang’, slide a tension bar through each diamond end on the beginning end of your chain link mesh. Then, fasten the end of the tension bar to your first end post’s tension band with your fence pliers. This will help your fabric ‘hook up’ to the end of the terminal post without sagging. 

Step 4. Connect the Fence Line With Tension Wire & Tie Wire 

To connect your chain link fence to the top rail and line posts, use separate aluminum wires called “tie wires.” Slide one tie wire through a loop in the end of your chain link fence fabric, around the top rail, and back to the fence. Continue to attach tie wires every 24 inches along your top rail. 

Step 5. Fill the Post Holes With Concrete & Tamp Outfirmly 

After setting your terminal and line posts to grade, you need to fill the holes with concrete. You can either mix the concrete yourself or buy it from a local concrete supplier. If you’re mixing the concrete yourself, follow the instructions and make sure it’s the proper consistency – not too thin or too thick. 

Once the concrete has cured, set the terminal and gate posts in the holes. You’ll need at least one person for this task, but you might want to have an extra set of hands if you’re installing a long fence. 

You can also set up your terminal, gate and corner posts by shoveling concrete mix into the hole. This is a less labor-intensive way to set your posts, but it’s not as strong or stable.