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How to Put Up Chain Link Fence?

Whether you’re putting up a new chain link fence or replacing an existing one, it’s important to get all of the components in place first. This will make installation much easier. The components include the top rail, which runs along the top of each post; the tension bar, which is secured to the bottom tension band of the end pole; the come-a-long, which stretches the chain link fabric to its maximum length; and the tie wires, which attach the fence to the top rail. 

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Before you begin, you need to determine the length of the fence and the material that will be used. This will allow you to determine the number of line posts and corner posts. Also, you’ll want to determine how high you want the fence to be. You can adjust the height of the post if you find that the fence is too low. You can also add gravel to the area around the post to ensure stability. You may also need to add intermediate stakes if the fence will stretch for more than ten feet. 

Once you’ve figured out the length of the fence, you need to measure the diameter of the line posts. These are smaller than the terminal posts and come in round and square shapes. The top rail should also be measured. You’ll need a hacksaw and pipe cutter for this step. You can also use a post-hole digger to make shallow holes in the ground. The top rail should be cut to the appropriate length and a level should be used to ensure straightness. 

Next, you’ll need to set the fence post to the right grade. This means it’s a couple of inches higher than the chain link fence material and should be set to grade. If you find that the post is a little too high, you can lower it to smooth the top. Also, you can fill the void between the post and the fence with dirt. Once the concrete has cured, you can reattach the components. 

Once you’ve determined the appropriate height, you’re ready to mount the top rail. The top rail is attached to the chain link fence to give it extra support. You can use a pipe cutter to cut the top rail to the appropriate length. Also, the top rail should be inserted through the line post that is closest to the terminal post. 

Once you’ve set the top rail, you can start installing the fence. The top rail should be installed in all of the stretches of the fence. The top rail should be positioned in the right place and the right way so that when you remove it, the top rail will snap back onto the post. If you have a chain link fence that’s been damaged, you can use the top rail as a guide to reattach the fabric. 

Using a masonry guide string, you can determine the best position for your posts. Ideally, the fence should be as straight as the guide string. However, you can’t expect perfect alignment. If you’re putting up a chain link fence in an industrial job site, you might have to brace the posts to keep them from twisting.