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How to Remove a Chain Link Fence?

Removing a chain link fence is a simple DIY project. To remove a chain link fence, you will need to prepare your work area. Start by removing ties and obstructions, as well as clearing out any plants that grow close to the fence. You may also need to use specialized equipment. If the fencing is located in a narrow area, you will probably need to make frequent cuts. 

Before you start tearing down your fence, it is a good idea to consult with the utility company to make sure there are no u

nderground lines near your property. If you cannot see the bottom of the fence, you will need to cut the top rail to expose it. You can do this using an angle grinder or a half-moon edger. You can even enlist the help of a friend with a vehicle if your fence is over four feet tall. 

Getting the right tools can make the job go faster. For example, a jackhammer can break up concrete around the base of a fence post. Another tool you should have on hand is a hammer drill with a chisel bit. This can be used to loosen the concrete around the post and allow it to be removed. If the post is anchored in concrete, you can soak it in water to make it easier to remove. 

If you are working on a long chain link fence, you will need to break it into sections. For example, if you are working on a 20-foot fence, you will need to split the fence into six 10-foot sections. When you divide the fence, you will need to leave space on either side of the fence for the sections to roll up. It is a good idea to leave at least a few feet of space between the fence and your truck or wheelbarrow. 

You should also be careful about the size of the ties. If you are replacing the wire, you need to make sure the new wire is at least a couple of links longer than the old one. If you don’t, you will have a lot of sharp metal points on your new fencing. It is also important to secure the tie tightly to the post to prevent it from unwinding. 

You can also remove the clamps on the fabric. These clamps are typically held in place by a bolt and nut. Once you have these out of the way, you can take out the fence and fold it up. If you need to, you can use a bungie cord to keep the fence upright as you roll it up. 

You can also use a chain to secure the post to the truck or tractor. You will need to use a chain pull accessory if your post is too large to be pulled by the chain alone. The puller is a metal pivot and pull device that helps you to securely pull your posts up.