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How to Remove Wood Fence Post?

If you have a rotten wood fence post and are looking for ways to remove it, there are several things you need to know. The first thing to do is to clean out the base of the post. This may involve digging a trench and soaking the ground with water. Once the base is cleaned out, you can use a jack or a lever to get the rotten post out. You can also drive large screws into the bottom of the rotten post to form a lever. 

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Once the base is removed, you can move on to the rest of the post. Generally, you will need to remove a fence board from one side of the fence and a few inches from the other. When you do this, you need to make sure that you do not cut into the base of the post. However, if you are removing a wooden fence post in concrete, this may require some additional equipment. 

For a quick and easy solution to removing a rotten wood fence post, you can buy a puller. These can be purchased separately or together with a choker style chain. The jack can then be plugged into the end of the puller and the chain can be wrapped around the post. 

Depending on the size of your fence, you might be able to pull it out by yourself. You will need to prepare your work area by putting on a pair of safety glasses, goggles and protective clothing. Also, you might want to call your local utility company and check to see if they can assist you in getting your fence post removed. 

If the base of the fence post is still in good condition, you can use a crowbar to lift it. Then you can drive nails in each side of the fence post about halfway. You can then wrap a strong rope around each nail. Make sure you secure the rope with knots to keep it in place. 

If the fence post is rotten, you might be able to remove it by rocking it back and forth. This will loosen the plug and allow the rotten post to lift out of the hole. Alternatively, you can use a shovel to dig around the plug and loosen it. 

It is important to have a solid, sturdily-constructed fence post. If you cannot remove the old post, you may need to replace it. Fortunately, you can replace it with a new post that is the same height as the rotten one. Several methods suggest drilling a hole through the post and installing a bracket to hold it in place. In some cases, a long bolt is also suggested. 

If you want to remove a wooden fence post in the soil, you can also use a jack to do the job. Just be careful, as this can be a dangerous task. A jack can be difficult to adjust, and it can be tricky to use when the post is already in the ground. Use a pair of heavy work boots and work gloves to ensure that you don’t injure yourself.