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How to Repair a Broken Chain Link Fence?

When you own a chain link fence, it’s important to know how to repair a broken section. Small cuts, poor weather, and even climbing animals can cause your fence to bend or break. But a bent or broken section is usually easy to fix, and it can save you money in the long run. 

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Repairing a Broken Rail

A damaged or crooked fence rail is not just unsightly, it can be damaging to your fence and home. This is because the rails are one of the most critical components of your chain link fence, so replacing a broken or crooked rail will help ensure that your fence stands strong. 

Cut out the damaged section with wire cutters, making sure to not damage the surrounding fence fabric. Then, remove the loose inner links on each side of the damaged section and replace them with new links. If the damaged section has been rusted, apply a coat of rust-preventive spray to the remaining metal to protect it from further deterioration. 

Reattach the Chain Link Fencing

After removing the old, bent chain link fencing from the top rail, twist the ties into place using linesman’s pliers. Attach the ties about every 24” along the top rail and post, making sure to bend them tightly around the wires in the fencing. 

Using a come-along tool, attach the tool to 2 nearest posts and crank the tool until the chain link moves no less than 1/4” when you push it together with your fingers. 

Next, cut a piece of fencing fabric to the same size as the damaged section of your chain link fence. This will give you the exact amount of fabric that you need to make a complete repair. 

Then, weave the replacement fabric into the existing rail by using a previously removed wire to hold it against the rail and then twisting the bottom end of the previously removed wire over the wire in the replacement fabric. Repeat this step on the other side of the rail, stretching and twisting the replacement fabric as tight as possible to secure it to the rails permanently. 

Adding New Wire Mesh

A damaged or sagging section of mesh on your fence may be the reason for a crooked rail, or it could indicate that the wires that run through the wires are twisted or damaged. This can be repaired with new mesh wire, which you can purchase at a hardware store for about $100 to $140 per 50 feet of fence mesh. 

Set End, Corner, and Gate Posts in Concrete

Before you can move on to the next phase of your repair, you will need to set the ends, corner, and gate posts in concrete. These are the most crucial elements of your chain link fence, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for setting these posts in concrete. 

After you’ve poured and set the concrete for the end, corner, and gate posts, you can install the rails and mesh on them. Once your fence is reinstalled, your repair will be complete!