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How to Seal a Wood Fence?

Wood fences should be treated and sealed regularly in order to protect them from the weather. Not only does sealing protect the wood, it also adds to the natural beauty of the fence. Even if your fence is old, sealing it can prevent graying, mildew, and mold from settling in and ruining the fence. 

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When you decide to seal a fence, the first thing you need to do is check its condition. If you notice that the fence is dry, cracked, or splintering, you should begin to treat it. Then you can use a stain or sealer to fix these problems. 

Depending on the wood you use for your fence, you may have to stain or seal it more than once. It is important to apply the sealer or stain according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help ensure that your fence lasts for a long time. Sealing can be done by using a brush, roller, or sprayer. In order to keep the application even, it is a good idea to use a painter’s tarp or a large sheet of cardboard. 

The type of sealer you use is also important. There are water-based sealers and oil-based ones. A penetrating oil-based one is highly recommended because it will not peel, crack, or fade over time. However, it will take longer for the wood to dry. You should wait at least three months to use a penetrating oil-based fence stain. 

To clean your fence, you can either use a pressure washer or just soap and water. Be careful with using a pressure washer as it can damage the wood. Make sure to rinse your fence with water afterward to remove any soap stains. 

If you have a cedar fence, you do not have to stain or seal it. Cedar contains natural oils that help it to age visually. These oils also stop rot and bug infestation. Since cedar does not need any special treatment, you do not have to use a fence stain or sealer. 

Fences that are not sealed right away should have the mildew and bleach removed. This will give you more time to prepare the wood for the final treatment. Also, it is a good idea to sand the rough spots. Using a broom can help to remove loose dirt and paint from the rail. 

Wood fences are a long-term investment, so it is a good idea to keep them in good shape. By re-staining your fence on a regular basis, you can prevent it from becoming dull or warped. That way, it will still look great after ten years. 

While some people think it is a good idea to let a wood fence weather before applying a stain or sealer, it is actually best to apply the product on a dry day. Sunlight can destroy the fibers of wood and alter the natural glue that holds the wood together. 

The best time to seal a wood fence is in the fall. The fall is the drier season and less likely to have humidity. But if you live in a colder climate, you should wait until the weather is warmer.