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How to Secure a Chain Link Fence at the Bottom?

When it comes to securing a chain link fence, there are a variety of ways to go about it. Some of these include using tent stakes, installing bottom rails, and using wire. The best way to decide which method to use is based on your needs. For example, if you want to protect your dogs from intruders, a fence that is secured with tent stakes is probably the way to go. 

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You can also use tension wire to secure your chain link fence. This wire, which is sandwiched between the fence fabric and line posts, acts as a thin bar behind the chain link to prevent it from slipping or pulling over. The tension wire can be added after a fence is constructed or it can be retrofitted during the construction process. 

For instance, if you are putting up a decorative garden fence, you may want to add some chicken wire to the base of the fence to keep pets from pushing it over. Another option is to install gravel at the bottom of the fence. This will provide a firm grip and should be left to cure for a couple of days. 

The most important part of a fence is its bottom. A good rule of thumb is to never install it higher than two inches above the ground. If you do install it this high, you will have a harder time keeping critters and debris out of the yard. If you have to go above this height, you can add gravel to fill the gap. 

Other methods of securing a chain link fence include installing a bottom rail, old tires, and wire. The bottom rail is a simple method of reinforcing the bottom portion of your fence. It can be installed below the fence, or it can be anchored into a concrete footing. The bottom rail should be the same diameter as your current rail. You can use a tape measure to measure the diameter of your existing rail. If you have a round top rail, you can fit the new one through the hole. 

The other most effective method of securing a chain link fence at the bottom is to attach a tie. This type of tie is not woven into the chain link fabric, but it is designed to slip through a loop in the fence link. You can purchase tie wires that are six and half inches long. It is recommended that you attach a tie to the post every 12 to 16 inches. If you can’t afford to buy tie wires, you can also use metal straps or wood boards to bind the fence to the post. 

The most aesthetically pleasing method is to install a decorative fence in front of the chain link fence. This method will keep pets from escaping and can also act as a barrier if a dog or other critter does push out the fence. If you do this, make sure to leave the gate posts in place so they do not pull out over time.