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How to Secure a Chain Link Fence to the Ground? 

When you need to secure a chain link fence, there are several options. One way is to use wire ties that attach the fabric of the fence to the metal structure, which helps keep the fence sturdy even in exterior wear and tear. Another option is to bury a foot or so of mesh beneath the fence, which can prevent larger animals from digging underneath it and gaining access to your property. 

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Adding Barbed Tape

Stainless steel barbed tape is a great option for adding an extra layer of protection to the top of your fence. It can be easily installed and can help to reduce the chance of predators gaining access to your home. 

Add a Bottom Rail

A bottom rail is an easy, affordable and effective solution for keeping livestock or pets inside your property. It also helps to keep smaller animals from digging underneath your fence and gaining access to your home. 

Bury Mesh

If you don’t have a bottom rail or the space to install one, consider burying a foot or so of mesh beneath your fence. This method is especially effective in areas where dogs or other animals are likely to dig under the fence and get out. 

Raising Your Posts

Extending the height of your posts will give you more areas to attach welded wire and help to strengthen your fence. You can add a T post or U-channel around the welded wire sections to provide more strength too. 

Stretching Your Fencing

The chain link fencing needs to be stretched taught or it will droop or sag. To do this, hook up a come-along tool to the end of the chain link and pull it tightly. Once the tension is tight enough, cut off the excess chain link and remove the come-along tool and the temporary tension band from the terminal post. 

Using an Anchor

If your fence is not on concrete, you can securely place it by using a no-dig anchor. This is an affordable and simple solution that can be used in almost any location. 

Before you begin securing your fence, check the property boundaries to ensure that there are no buried utilities in the area. If necessary, call 811 to request information about any underground lines. 

Whether you’re raising your fence or securing it to the ground, you should always wear safety glasses and heavy gloves when handling chain link materials. Failure to do so can cause injury to you or your property. 


Taking the time to prepare your fence is the best way to make sure that it’s ready for installation. It will also help you to complete each step more quickly and easily. 

Position Your Fence

The placement of your chain link fence is essential for the safety and security of your family. It will also protect your home from burglars and intruders. You can use a level to ensure that the line is straight and true, or you can ask your local assessor for guidance.